90 Pounds Down in Less than 2 years – My Story

My weight loss journey began in May 2016, at 24 years old and 230 pounds.

Having grown up in a family that struggled with obesity, I was overweight my entire life—for as long as I could remember. I ate for pleasure, when I was stressed, when I was emotional. I’d developed bad eating habits that I just couldn’t break. In fact, I’d been trying to diet and failing since as early as 9 years old… Since I never truly understood what it took to be healthy, I would try to stick to a diet and would always end up giving up and gaining whatever I’d lost right back.

Finally, I was FED UP. I’d hit a breaking point—I just couldn’t stand feeling so heavy and apathetic anymore. I looked in the mirror and thought, “How could I let myself get like this?”

It was time to make a lifestyle change FOR GOOD. I was sick of feeling sick, of hating how I looked, of not being comfortable in my own body—all the health problems, both physical and mental, that went along with eating poorly and being obese… I was DONE. I would watch other moms run around, playing with their kids, and I wanted that for myself and my kids, too!

To start, I eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet and worked out five to six times a week. I instantly started to lose weight and feel better. Eventually I stalled, and I struggled to get past it. It seemed like I was completely stuck! But I was still too far from my goal weight and I wanted to keep going. That’s how I, together with my trainer, came up with the 21 Day Meal Plan—a list of healthy, whole foods to eat from that had enough variety to keep me from getting bored, but not so much variety that I’d get overwhelmed and fail.

It worked! The weight started to come off again and I started to feel better than ever—eating real, whole foods, cutting out excessive sodium intake, and breaking my sugar addiction. With some research and experimenting, I fine-tuned the list of compliant foods and the plan itself until it worked like a charm for me, without fail. Doing this meal plan, I learned more about myself and my relationship with food and finally succeeded in making a healthy lifestyle change that I know will last me for life! I’m no longer afraid that I’ll backslide and lose all the weight back, because I’ve got the perfect tool to help me lose weight and then maintain it—the 21 Day Meal Plan.

Wanting to share my success with others, I released the plan with some amazing results. Together, we’ve built an incredible community facebook.com/groups/21daymealplan of #mealplanbabes™— over 30,000 supportive women (and men!) committed to getting healthier and helping others do the same.

Losing weight IS possible, you CAN start a new healthy lifestyle, and you can MAINTAIN it.

Try my meal plan below ♡

Together, let’s #endobesity


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