What workouts do I do?

I started with Insanity Max 30. I saw it on an infomercial while on vacation shortly after my daughter was born. I loved the idea of the max out time where you go as long as you can before you need to take a break. Your only goal is to surpass the time the next […]

Why I Am Dairy Free

I started working out at home 30 mins a day and did this for about 2 weeks. As far as diet went, I only went gluten free and nothing else. I know I have an allergy to gluten so I figured I would start there to not make it too hard on myself. I weighed myself at the […]


I had a personal Instagram that I used very rarely. About 3 days into my weight loss journey, I started searching for hashtags of people loosing weight. Things like #weightloss, #weightlosstransformation and #weightlossjourey . I wanted to find people who were losing weight, how they were doing it, what they were thinking about it etc. […]