Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apply cider vinegar has many incredible benefits when it comes to digestion and weight loss. It is very important to buy Organic ACV to avoid getting the pesticides. 

RAW Unpasteurized Organic is the one to look for.  Braggs is the one I use.

Benefits of ACV:

1) Acetic Acid - helps with digestion
Speeds up digestion by activating enzymes in the stomach, pancreas and other places in the body. Acid is one of the activators in the stomach to help break down protein.

2) Helps the overgrowth of certain microbes such as SIBO (bacteria growing in the wrong place). Happens when the pH isn't strong enough.

3) Helps you absorb minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron. If the pH in your stomach is too alkaline you won't absorb as many minerals

4) Can decrease gas, bloating and indigestion. Speeds up the breakdown of food so you have a more complete digestion.

 5) Decreases acid reflux. When you lose stomach acid, it can reflux up. Helps close the valve more to prevent this.

6) Helps release bile that's congested which helps with bloating. Enzymes from the pancreas get released so you have a more complete digestion. 

7) Blood sugar improvement. Can help make glucose more sensitive so you have less insulin resistance. Less insulin is produced which can help weight loss. 

8) Helps lower cholesterol by reducing insulin and anything related to high levels of insulin.

9) Can help your immune system by stimulating white blood cells to speed up to help fight infection. 


1-2 TBSP in 16oz water with some lemon juice. Use a straw so it doesn't hurt your teeth. Before or after a meal. 



When to avoid ACV:

1) If you have an ulcer. If you take ACV and then it makes you worse - you could have an ulcer.

2) Gastritis 

3) Tumor around  the pancreas or small intestine


  • How often do you do this ? How many times a day and for how long ? Do you stop after a few weeks ?

    Thank you

    Diana Pereira
  • How many times a day do you do this?


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