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Bloodwork is normal, but you still don’t feel right…

That photo above is me 9 months and 50 pounds ago.
My joints were hurting in my fingers, I had painful acne, terrible digestion, trouble sleeping, hypoglycemia and so many other symptoms. Today, I'm practically symptom free after nearly a year of research and refusing to give up until I found the answers. And, I'm still learning. 

What if I would have believed it was all in my head?

I had a classic case of hyperinsulinemia AKA metabolic syndrome. It was something you couldn’t find in blood work unless you tested HOMA IR which my doctor didn’t. As a matter of fact, she tested EVERYTHING but that.

I’ll never ever forget the comment someone left me on my old post where I was begging for help. Begging for someone to give me direction on where to go to find answers. She said to me “you don’t have to fake sick to be loved”. I had people telling me to seek mental help because it was all in my head.

Because this is how good of a job mainstream medicine has done in making people feel like their health is a mental disorder.

Once you watch Fat Fiction on YouTube, it explains exactly what’s happening in the US right now.
We are in the middle of a health crisis and 1/3 people are pre-diabetic and suffering with blood sugar problems.
Each day more and more people are unwell and it’s become the new NORMAL to have zero energy, be depressed and be covered in skin conditions.

Why? Our food supply. They’re teaching us that our problems are in our head and not a signal from our body pleading for help.

Symptoms are your bodies ONLY way of communicating issues to you to be resolved. If you choose to ignore them or chalk it up as normal, it will only get worse.

Don’t underestimate how big of an impact ONE PERSON can make on inspiring others around them to also take control back of their health.

People are always inspired by other people, don’t forget the power YOU have to inspire others.

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