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FAT FUELED VS SUGAR FUELED. Which one are you?

Signs that you're a Fat Burner:

High energy
You don't need to eat often
Weight loss isn't difficult
Doesn't get hangry
No cravings
A quiet brain

Signs that you're a Sugar Burner:

Low energy 
Need to eat often
Intermittent fasting seems impossible
Can't lose weight
A calm brain

Fat is a superior fuel to sugar because 👇
It lasts a long time and burns slowly ⛽
Sugar runs out so quickly This is why you need food often when your body is adapted to carbohydrates. 
When your body is running off of fat (ketones) you don’t need to eat often. You're running off fat storage which holds around 100,000 calories at all times. 
Running off sugar will make you want food around every 2 hours (even if you ate a big meal, you’ll still crave sweets after you’re full). 
Being fat fueled also quiets your brain - a quiet brain is one that doesn’t constantly obsess over the next meal and what sweet treat is next. 
Every meal and snack doesn’t need to be the best thing you ever had. Food can be looked at as fuel. When you start eating to live instead of living to eat, everything changes.

I spent 29 years being a sugar burner. I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia just last year - I had to eat every two hours, and if I didn't - I felt like I would faint. Now that I am fat fueled. I feel 1000% better whether I eat one meal a day, or three! Being fat fueled instead of sugar fueled has changed my life 🙏⛽♥️

If I hadn't tracked my blood sugar last year, I would have never been diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia that led me to all of this. No two bodies are the same, so seeing what is happening to your blood sugar is one of the most important things you can do! It gives you the keys to your own body - you will no longer wonder:

1. What foods knock you out of Ketosis

2. What your morning fasting blood sugar is (depending on how high this is determines if you are healthy, pre-diabetic, or diabetic)

3.  What foods does your body agree with?

Without knowing this, you aren't able to be fully in tune with your body. It leaves you wondering if a diet will work for you or not. (The secret is that every body is different - each food effects every body in a different way)

After starting Clean Keto and Intermittent fasting, the next step is to track your blood sugar! This will help you fine tune what you eat. All of this will help you transition from being a sugar burner to a fat burning machine.



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