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Gallbladder - Signs to lookout for

  • bloating 
  • burping 
  • constipation 
  • low thyroid 
  • not satisfied after eating 
  • right shoulder pain
  • trouble seeing at night

 Is this you? I used to have the right neck/shoulder pain ALL THE TIME and I thought it was sleeping bad, but nope - haven’t had it once since going keto and supporting my gallbladder 😳

Your gallbladder is so important! It produces bile to absorb key nutrients.

Thyroid: You can have a low thyroid because the thyroid hormones become activated through the liver and gallbladder. Without enough bile, you can’t convert T4 to T3 😱

Toxins: Fun fact, your liver breaks downs toxins and the bile helps flush it out. Without a gallbladder, you can become more toxic.

Not satisfied after eating: If you eat and you feel like you need something extra, you may not have the bile to extract the fats to send a signal to your brain.

High cholesterol: Bile is needed to regulate cholesterol, without bile, your cholesterol willl start going higher.

Constipation: Consitpation can occur because bile is a lubricant of the colon. Without it, everything slows down.

Deficient in Fat Soluble Vitamins: Low vitamin A, D, E and K - happens if you don’t have enough bile to absorb the nutrients.

You can take purified bile salts as a substitute what you’re missing to help build it back up. 

I use Dr. Berg’s purified bile salts. Found here. 


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