How I started Keto Correctly

I tried keto in 2016, I gained weight and felt so sick. Little did I know I wasn't doing keto. I don't actually know what I was doing but it wasn't keto. It was a meat, bacon and cheese diet. No carbs, yes but I was getting cheap processed meats and eating no fresh vegetables. Definitely didn't feel too good! I quit keto after a week and gaining 2 pounds. 

Fast forward to 2021 where I was diagnosed with a fatty liver, reactive hypoglycemia and a plethora of other health issues. I felt the worse I had my entire adult life and I knew something needed to change.

Here's what I was going through before starting keto:

Brain fog
Memory issues
Slurring words
Constantly starving regardless of how much I would eat
Cravings carbs all the time
Couldn't fall asleep or stay asleep
Painful joints especially in my hands
Painful acne
Couldn't lose weight in a calorie deficit 
Depression (especially at night)
& that's just some!

I dedicated my life for weeks watching videos, reading books and listening to podcasts on doing a healthy ketogenic diet the right way. Lots of fresh vegetables, moderate amounts of protein and healthy fats. I started at 190 pounds in September 2021 and just 3 months later I am down to 165 pounds and all of my symptoms are nearly gone! The best part is I am always fully satisfied after eating and have zero cravings :)

Here's how I got started:

  • Committed to a ketogenic diet, under 50g of carbs from keto foods per day. Research every day.
  • Moved to the clean keto menu one and focused on making super yummy delicious foods and desserts such as cheddar biscuits, pumpkin muffins, pizza etc. The weight loss wasn't much but it allowed me to get fat adapted and stabilize my blood sugar which was a huge step for me. I aimed for a 12 hour eating window.
  • Practiced with dairy free keto to see if taking out dairy would make a difference for me. I didn't notice a big difference at this time.
  • Moved to strict clean keto where I focused on the reduction of carbohydrates in the form of almonds and most veggies and also shortened my eating window to 16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating.
  • Graduated to one meal a day where I consume my personal macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) in a 2 hour eating window, OMAD. 30 days. Then will move to 2 meals a day afterward.

 I will be wrapping up 30 days of OMAD on December 24! I am posting daily on my Instagram with results - @myadventuretofit


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  • I work two jobs… have 3 kids. I need help figuring out how to commit to something like this. I need a huge lifestyle change and quick.

    Carolina Sanclemente
  • Is this how I should start ? Or can I just jump right into one meal a day ? And do you eat 1200 calories in those two hours ?

    Sarah J
  • I am super interested!

    Ruby ybarra

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