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Itching on the Keto Diet - How to Fix It

The Keto Itch

Okay this happened to me just recently! Yesterday I was super itchy (my whole body) and this did not happen on my first go around getting into ketosis. I took some time to research and the biggest part of the keto itch is Gallbladder.

I know I have had issues with my gallbladder for at least 10 years because of the right neck pain where I couldn't turn my neck. I always thought it was from sleeping wrong, but it turns out that it was actually from the phrenic nerve connected to the gallbladder. 

Because I learned this recently, I instantly went and took 2 of Dr Bergs Gallbladder formula. He is someone who I really trust who has played a big part in reversing my insulin resistance and helping me lose weight the healthy way. Of course the itching stopped nearly immediately and no itching today, I'm happy to say!

This can happen when you introduce more fat into the diet without enough bile to handle it. It will adapt over time, but it's not going to be right away. 

I realize the importance now of keeping up with my supplements. I really dislike taking any sort of vitamins and I've never been good at cementing it into my daily routine. But now more than ever, I need to because things like this will happen if I don't.

The other thing I stopped doing was taking my B Vitamins which I already knew I needed to be doing. The next thing is potassium, which I do daily. 

Here is what I am taking right now for supplements.

  • B Vitamins (through non fortified nutritional yeast)
  • Vitamin D and K2
  • Electrolytes (enough to hit my minimum 4700mg of potassium per day)
  • Gallbladder formula 
  • Cod liver oil (for Omega 3's)
  • Tudca (bile salts)
  • Choline (open up the flows of bile through the bile ducts)
  • Motivation (preworkout instead of coffee for mental boost and energy)




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