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Collagen has become an incredibly popular supplement to take. I see it pop up on my feed all the time—heck, I’ve actually even been taking it for a while!

Because I personally feel like I’ve experienced many benefits from taking collagen, I decided that it was the next thing I’d add to my MPB supplement lineup. But—I wanted to make sure that why I offered would be of the highest quality, would offer the most benefits, and would still be affordable.

So, I started researching. What I found was…

There are different types of collagen supplements out there. There’s collagen from mammals (like cow/bovine, which is what you usually see on the shelves), from fish, and from plants.

While all have their benefits, I wanted the BEST. And that’s how I found the marine collagen I’ll be adding to my line!

Produced in Europe from high-quality fish skins, it provides mainly type 1 fish collagen peptides (peptides = pieces of protein). The thing about fish collagen peptides is that they’re smaller than bovine collagen peptides, making them 1.5x easier to digest, absorb, and distribute throughout the body. This means that you can experience more of the benefits more easily!

Totally natural, sustainable, and pure, this fish collagen is GMO free, fat free, carb free, preservative free, and purine free. It’s highly bioavailable and bioactive, making it the most effective. And, it’s water-soluble, with no taste, smell, or color—so, there’s no gross fishy taste or smell AT ALL!

There have even been human clinical studies performed with this exact marine collagen to fully demonstrate just how amazing it is in a variety of areas:

Skin & Anti-Aging: When taken regularly, this collagen was clinically shown to significantly improve skin elasticity and hydration, reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, improve skin radiance and complexion, increase skin firmness, reduce skin dehydration, and more!

Joint Health: Demonstrated clinically, regular intake of fish collagen peptides may alleviate symptoms of conditions like knee osteoarthritis, reducing pain, difficulty of physical function, and so on. Part of this comes from the fact that they may also increase absorption of calcium in the body!

Gut Health: Our fish collagen has also shown anti-inflammatory and protective properties in the intestines, as well as positive effects on the gut microbiota composition (basically, the ecosystem in your digestive system)!

Athletic Performance: Since our fish collagen is a pure protein, it may help with muscle building, joint and connective tissue protection, improvement in performance, skin protection (against things like chlorine or cold temperatures), and anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory activities.

Weight Management: Collagen can help with weight management, mostly because of how protein keeps you satiated (or, full) longer.

With a higher ratio of essential amino acids compared to some mammalian sources, fish collagen peptides are an easily digestible and easily absorbed protein source with a long list of benefits.

I’ve sworn by collagen for a long time, so I’m extremely excited to share all of these benefits with you in a pure, safe, high-quality, and affordable way!

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Hello… will you be selling marine collagen in the near future?


I have purchased a few of Tiffany’s supplements over the past year, 1 1/2 months ago I finally bought her marine collagen, by day 9 I wasn’t feeling any different not that I expected to feel different (that I was aware of) but had showered & was moisturizing my face & was shocked to see my eyebrows had new growth…I was in the era of thin eye brows 2000 graduate lol. So I took a photo & sent it to Tiffany asap & showed her! The collagen doesn’t taste bad I mix it in with hot coffee & my mct oil use my frother to mix it, I pour it over ice then add 2 TBSP ish of my dairy free creamer & I stay full until lunch time. This collagen definitely digests better than the one that I was using by vital proteins (derived by cows)… I still had some of my vital proteins left & went back to use the rest as I hate wasting product & after a few days I could feel my stomach extra full….since I went pescatarian I only eat fish but mainly a primary vegan diet & once I was done with the collagen by cows it took only a few days of using Tiffany’s that I no longer felt so uncomfortably full… I couldn’t be happier i switched to Tiffany’s supplements & I won’t go anywhere else. I buy in 2’s to ensure I never run out 😊…

Amanda S...

Hey girl,

I have been taking this collagen for almost a year and recently had to discontinue the use due to being 11 weeks pregnant. My midwife said their wasn’t enough information on the container for her to deem is safe for pregnancy.

Do you have any information about the manufacturer or contact information that my midwife could get more info and assess whether it safe or not?

I would greatly appreciate it!!



Is there any shellfish in the collagen? I have a shellfish allergy, so I have to ask before ordering.


Hi you buy these collagen and your greens in the uk?.


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