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My 14 Tips to Get Started on Your Weight Loss Journey

1. Commit to a start date

2. Join a community (our fb group is free) 

3. Read books like the obesity code that explain it isn’t OUR FAULT becoming overweight, it happens due to a hormone issue which can be corrected with diet change

4. You don’t have to starve to lose weight. You can be full and happy while burning body fat

5. Unfollow all accounts that make you feel any sort of negativity or confusion on a healthy lifestyle. They’re getting to you more than you think. If you can’t unfollow, just mute them so their posts don’t show up on your feed.

6. Choose an expert to take advice from (Dr Berg is my favorite) and don’t listen to opposing opinions. PICK ONE opinion leader. None of them will agree with each other and it will confuse you! Just pick one.

7. Download my free food list ( if you can’t find the link, I’ll send it to you, just comment below. 

8. Explain to your family why you’re doing this and how much it means to you. Get rid of all the junk in the house. It’s better off in the trash than it is your body!

9. Get your family on board. If you’re REALLY GOING TO DO THIS FOR REAL THIS TIME, you should have your families health as much of a priority as your own (baby steps with them). Don’t focus on restriction, focus on substitutions.

10. Watch the magic pill and fat fiction (both free on YouTube, I will post the link in my IG stories)

11. Stop eating right before bed! This is disrupting your sleep and making you feel more TIRED & HUNGRY the next day.

12. Start fasting 12 hours overnight 8pm-8am

13. Stay away from news and online drama (raises stress and overall perception of life making you feel more hopeless and apathetic).

14. No cheat days! When you want a treat, make a keto treat! There’s thousands of incredible EASY recipes online for keto treats!

I hope this helps you!!



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