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My Journey with Fasting

Just over a year ago I would have said Intermittent Fasting was a fad.

I also felt the same about low carb and low sugar diets. I kept hearing the whole "everything in moderation" talk which to me was pure poison and the idea that was keeping me sick and fat.

Even when all of my health conditions pointed to doing a low carb diet and intermittent fasting, I didn't want to believe it. Once I tried it though, everything changed.

These are the benefits I've experienced with Intermittent Fasting: 

   1. I stopped getting hungry often, no longer felt 'hangry'.

   2. Fasting wasn't an effort, it came naturally.

   3. I healed from hypoglycemia.

   4. No cravings for carbs or sugar which blew my mind.

When starting intermittent fasting, it was important to eat very low carb - below 50 grams a day (some people may need to eat below 10 grams a day so their body can heal).

Without eating low carb, intermittent fasting can feel impossible. Once your body changes from being sugar fueled to fat fueled, you will no longer need to eat carbs for for fuel, and you will start to be less and less hungry throughout the day.

Rules to follow:

   1. Pick an eating window. I recommend starting with 12 hours overnight. This looks like not eating past 8pm and then not eating again until 8am the next morning. 

   2. Aim for 3 meals a day and no snacking. Make sure your meals are filled with fat and protein so you stay full until the next meal. 

   3. If you feel to hungry before your eating window, try bullet proof coffee (1 tbsp of butter, 1tbsp of MCT Oil, pinch of salt mixed with your coffee of choice). The fat will help make more ketones and will have a small impact on your insulin. 

   4. Cut out big sources of insulin spikes (seed oils, maltodextrin which is found in natural flavors, MSG which can spike insulin by 300x!)

   5. Take Electrolytes to avoid the Keto Flu and keep your energy balanced. (most of our electrolytes are maltodextrin free and taste amazing).

   6. Drink Green Tea, Cinnamon Tea, or Ginseng Tea to suppress appetite between meals

   7. Follow Clean Keto during your meals (this includes 7-10 cups of veggies a day, moderate amount of protein, and most of your calories from fat. This looks like 50% of your plate covered with veggies, 25% with Protein, and 25% with fatty foods). 

   8. Eat Grass Fed beef and dairy, and pasture raised chicken and eggs. If you can't afford this from the start, just aim for the highest quality you can get. 

   9. Learn to cook delicious low carb meals at home. This gives you control of what is going into each of your meals with no secret ingredients.  This is the biggest game changer for most people. Our recipe books are easy and delicious. So much better tasting and satisfying than junk food.

   10. Join our support group, Clean Keto Fam - this is the best way to find a community of like minded people on the same journey as you!

There's two ways to get started on Clean Keto! The 21 Day Keto Plan gives you what to eat every day, and has a challenge starting every Monday. Clean Keto for Beginners teaches you amazing recipes that are Clean Keto and turns it into a lifestyle! 


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