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Waking Up at Night to Pee?

HINT: IT’S NOT FROM AGING  The need to pee at night comes from your insulin levels being too high at night.What causes this?Snacking before bedEating after 6:30I have woken up...


The need to pee at night comes from your insulin levels being too high at night.

What causes this?
Snacking before bed
Eating after 6:30

I have woken up to pee for as long as I can remember. I think so many people normalize this because of how common it is. Today, I no longer wake up at night to pee. I sleep through the entire night for the first time in my adult life and wake up REFRESHED daily. Every now and then I will end up eating before bed for some reason or another and ONE FOR ONE I wake up to pee.

Beyond just being frustrating to wake up to pee (especially if you can’t go back to sleep) you can expect higher blood sugars the next day because of the effects cortisol which effects your mood and cognitive function, hello brain fog and sugar cravings.

As you can see, there is a ripple effect created just from eating at night. It’s life changing when you see the connection for yourself 💡

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1 comment on Waking Up at Night to Pee?
  • Catherine
    Catherine March 25, 2023

    I’m so happy to find this site, and you!
    Insulin resistance seems to be my issue for all the sudden weight gain.

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