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What Having Chapped Lips Means.

It's a vitamin B2 deficiency ⚠️

Not a chapstick deficiency 😉

As a matter of fact, you may want to avoid  lip balm because the ingredients usually contain alcohol or mineral oil that pulls oil from your skin so you keep needing more.

Any idea why they would want to do that? If you guessed SO YOU’LL KEEP BUYING MORE - you were right 🎰

What’s behind chapped lips?

A B2 (riboflavin) deficiency. It’s a coenzyme that helps breakdown fats to make sure your skin is lubricated.

The good news is B2 is in 👇


👉Leafy greens





You can become deficient if 👇

-You take birth control
-Eat a vegan diet
-Eat refined grains and sugars

There could also be a lack of Omega-3’s (not consuming it) or you are consuming too many Omega-6 oils (seed oils like vegetable oil, corn, soybean, etc).

Did you know this? 👀

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