Why I'm Coming Off Keto (for now)...

Update on my journey 5/22/2023

After having my breast implants removed 3 weeks ago, I got a call phone my doctor that my lab results came in. I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. My doctor let me know when she was giving me the news that I have had this for a very long time, her guess is since I was a child. I have 11 bands of Lyme which is one of the worst if not the worst case she's ever seen.

I have started my protocol which consists of a diet change, IV's and Red Light Therapy. She said thank god that I've been doing keto this last 2 years because it could be scary where I would be right now if I wasn't doing something to keep the inflammation down. It made sense because before I started with keto, my symptoms were:

Couldn't bend my fingers
Cystic Acne
Couldn't sleep but had zero energy
Blood sugar crashes all day long

I have none of those today. But unfortunately I am still battling neurological issues that are coming from the Lyme. 

In my case, I am not a candidate for antibiotics as I also have high levels of mold which the doctor said would be worsened by the use of antibiotics.

I am easing into treatment rather slowly to not get myself more sick. I am starting with immune boosting IV's with magnesium, vitamin C, glutathione and a few other vitamins. I am doing sublingual red light therapy as well. I met someone at the clinic who had done treatment with it and she said out of all her treatments she's gotten, she's seen the most results with the red light therapy. She went down from 9 Lyme bands to 4. It's not a guarantee but I will retest after 5 weeks to see if it's come down at all.

From there, we will go into the next step of treatment which involves bio film breakers and more aggressive treatment. Again, slowly. 

As far as diet goes, she said that my bloodwork is showing intestinal permeability (my intestines are spilling bacteria into my blood). This is causing inflammation in my brain. They are both likely coming from the Lyme Disease.

The foods that came back for me to avoid are:

Wheat (and anything cross contaminated including soy sauce)
Soy (and anything cross contaminated)
Lectins and Nightshades (tomato, all versions of peppers, peanuts, cashews)

For me personally, I felt overly restricted confining to a ketogenic diet with these additional limitations. I lost nearly ALL seasonings I love. It may not look like a lot of items, but it is. These are just a few common ones. 

I asked the doctor if I could add honey and fruit and she said at this time, YES.

So here is my diet minimally until my Lyme is in remission:

Meat (grass-fed and organic only)
Almonds and almond butter
Honey (she said it has to be raw and organic)
Fruit (all but feeling best with apples, bananas, dates and tangerines)
Dairy (raw and organic only)
Coffee (organic or mold free)

I am also taking glutamine in the morning on an empty stomach to repair my gut lining. 

I will have my gut retested soon and see if I am healing. If not, I will have to eliminate the dairy and honey. I am praying for good news.

Will update when I get my next set of tests <3 




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Hey Tiffany, I’ve been watching your journey for quite awhile.
You have inspired so many women. It is a struggle facing those kind of Health issues.
I watched my sister go through Lyme disease and mold toxicity, and a few other autoimmune problems. She has put hers in remission from a lot of research and finding the right vitamins and minerals and lifestyle changes.
One thing that I know that has helped her with mold toxicity is taking activated charcoal in capsule. Activated charcoal can be taken as a supplement to assist in the removal of mold from the body. Because of the adsorbent properties of activated charcoal, it quite literally traps toxins (like mycotoxins) in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so that the body doesn’t reabsorb them.
Prayers that you continue to get more relief 🩷


Something else that can be really helpful with restoring gut during healing is eating slowly, small bites, & chewing very throughly to help your body digest. The longer you chew the more digestive enzymes produced and less work your body has to do so it can focus on healing. Also switching to parasympathetic (rest & digest) state by deep breaths or something calming before meals.


Good morning I was just watching your video and wow you are very impressive. I do not have Lyme disease but I do have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. I see my neurologist regularly for the Parkinson’s, and along with my pain doctor. My joints mostly bone on bone and due to the Parkinson’s no surgeon will touch me to do joint replacements. I am 65 years old and had gastric sleeve surgery back in 2017. It was six months later that the Parkinson’s was found. Would any of your drinks or keto help me with the constant pain and inflammation? Thank you oh an I am on blood thinner due to history of blood clots in my lungs. That started in January of 2020. Not Covid related since I have had two more instances with it.

Carla Berner

No mention of mustard lol


I would like to learn more. I have to get rid of my body inflammation from lupus. Can you connect me to your drs?


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