Why you should always check your preworkout ingredients

Our focus on our product line is ingredients. What do we feel most comfortable taking ourselves on a daily basis. Our promise is to never compromise the quality of our product to make a higher profit. This is something unfortumately all too common in this industry.


I was doing some research this morning on the top selling preworkouts and I couldn't believe what was in the majority of the products. Sadly, most people don't understand the negative impanct these ingredients will have on their body when being taken long term.


I wanted to help give you guys some insight on what's in your most popular products on the market today to help you better understand.

 1. Low cost sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame. Why are they used? The answer is simple, they are two of the cheapest sweeteners that exist. Why are they bad? Artificial sweeteners have been studied to destroy the natural good bacteria in your gut. Why does that matter? Your gut health is extremely important to the function of the human body. Your immune system, your vitamin absorption and regulating your immune system. Your gut is also responsible for the production of 95% of your serotonin (sleep, memory and mood).


2. Artificial flavors are derived from petroleum unlike natural flavors which are derived from plants. We called our flavor supplier for our product to find out the difference. We asked why would anyone ever use artificial? He said the answer is simple, the price can be as much as 1/10 the price. Manufactures use it to save money despite where it comes from. Artificial flavors come from petroleum and other inedible substances.


3. Artificial coloring is something that everyone should avoid. They have been linked to: Hyperactivity, including ADHD. Behavioral changes like irritability, depression and more.


4. Acesulfame potassium. This is a big one. There has been a lot of talk about this one as more companies have been using this one lately. Acesulfame K contains the carcinogen methylene chloride. Long-term exposure to methylene chloride can cause headaches, depression, nausea, mental confusion, liver effects, kidney effects, visual disturbances, and cancer in humans.


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