Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar (And All Its Names) A simple google search can turn up all kinds of articles about how too much sugar is harmful to our bodies. It’s been connected with various diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, and more. And, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when it comes to sugar crashes and […]

Cheat Meals/Cheat Days

Cheat meals…. There are so many differing opinions on this. I’m going to share my experience. My idea behind this post came from my support group on Facebook. One of my #mealplanbabes posted about she was just starting out on my meal plan and got asked out to eat. The thing is, she JUST started […]

Why I Am Dairy Free

I started working out at home 30 mins a day and did this for about 2 weeks. As far as diet went, I only went gluten free and nothing else. I know I have an allergy to gluten so I figured I would start there to not make it too hard on myself. I weighed myself at the […]