Marine Collagen - Unflavored - 60 Scoops per jar

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Marine Collagen - Unflavored - 60 Scoops per jar
Marine Collagen - Unflavored - 60 Scoops per jar

High-quality, all-natural, and sustainable, My Adventure to Fit Marine Collagen consists wholly of pure fish collagen peptides, completely unflavored for zero fishy taste or smell!

After going through rigorous clinical tests, our marine collagen has been shown to help with skin elasticity, hydration, and the appearance of wrinkles, joint health, gut health, athletic performance, weight management, and more.

Bonus—it’s totally 21 Day Meal Plan compliant!

Throw some in your smoothie, your pre-workout, your water, or even your coffee—hot or iced. It dissolves easily and completely, regardless of temperature.

Use My Adventure to Fit Marine Collage to help improve your skin, joint, and gut health today!

Limited quantities available—once sold out, it takes time to restock, so ORDER NOW. :)

Customer Reviews

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Love this product!

Been using the product for 2 weeks! I’m in love!! I mix it with my morning coffee first thing in the morning! The product description says unflavored but for me there was a slight flavor & taste the first few days. Ever since mixing it with my coffee & giving it a few days though the flavor & taste are gone. Can’t wait to restock & continue this in my everyday routine!

The best I’ve ever had

This is the only formula I have found
That doesn’t give me gas! Signed up
For auto shipped! Keep it coming!

Marine Collagen is a new favorite!

I have been using the Marine Collagen for nearly a month now. Here is what I have just noticed from the short time I’ve been taking it: My eyelashes look phenomenal! I don’t wear makeup very often anymore. The only time I put on mascara is once a week for a zoom meeting with my office. This week as I was applying mascara, I couldn’t believe how luscious my lashes look. They are full, long, beautiful. I don’t remember a time when they’ve ever looked this good!! I then focused on what other changes I could notice. My nails are shiny and happy. My usually limp hair appears to have more body and sheen to it. I usually hide it in a hat of some sort, but I’ve actually been wearing my hair down because it looks good. Overall, I am so happy with my decision to purchase and try the Marine Collagen. I am going to purchase another bottle and actually set up a subscription this time because I don’t want to go without it. If you’re on the fence with this one, just get it. It will not disappoint!

Marine collagen

I put it right in my morning coffee, there is no taste and it has become part of my routine. I can’t wait to start seeing results.


Marine Collagen - Unflavored - 60 Scoops per jar

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