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Pre-Workout - Watermelon Candy

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Only $1.50 per serving for crazy good clean energy! 😍 My ultimate source of motivation to do ALL things including exercise or deep house cleaning! Truly, just even for that daily boost to help you get through a day!

My goal with this pre-workout was not only for it to work WELL, better than any pre-workout or energy drink but actually TASTE GOOD! Good news, we nailed it. 😋 

How to prepare:
Simply add one scoop to 10-16oz of water and add lots of ice for the best delicious juiciest taste! You can also pre-prepare in a water bottle and keep in the fridge to grab and go for the next day!

Colored by plants 🌱 
Sweetened with stevia 🌱
Flavored naturally 🍉
Natural caffeine from coffee bean ❤️
20 calories ❤️
Brain fuel 🧠
Incredible taste 😋

We always purchase in small batches so don’t wait to order, could be a few months before our next restock, if you’re a huge fan of watermelon, you may want to grab a couple or set up a subscription for monthly deliveries! This will truly be one you don't want to be without! 

Crush your goals and get things done faster and more efficiently than ever before, CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR WATERMELON CANDY MOTIVATION 🍉🍉🍉


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