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Electrolytes - Strawberry Lemonade Punch (LIMITED EDITION)

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Only $1.33 per serving for crazy good hydration! 😍 My ultimate cravings control and caffeine-free energy source. 

The juiciest most refreshing electrolytes, our whole family is obsessed! You may never want to try another kind after these 😋 

We love mixing a pitcher with a few scoops and keeping it in the fridge for a sweet hydrating pink drink for the kiddos. 

Colored by plants 🌱 
Sweetened with stevia 🌱
Flavored naturally 🍏
High potassium ❤️
High salt 🧂 
Optimal hydration 💧
Incredible taste 😋

This is a limited edition flavor so be sure to get yours while you can! 🍓🍋 If you’re a huge fan of Strawberry Lemonade, you may want to grab a few and stock up before they're gone! Your taste buds will thank you!

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