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Chocolate Greens - Family Size

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This jar is 3x the servings of the regular chocolate sized greens. Buy more, save more! 

Every serving is full of delicious tasting veggies and only 10 calories per scoop! Zero net carbs!

Here’s what’s in it:

🌱 Spinach
🌱 Spirulina
🌱 Broccoli
🌱 Chlorella
🍌 Banana 
🍏 Apple
🌱 Wheatgrass
💙 Blueberry
🥕 Carrot
🌱 Barley Grass
🌱 Organic Kale
🌱 Parsley 

The best part? It tastes delicious! Mix in your favorite cold beverage! 

This may be my favorite product I've created so far. It's one I wish I could have had for my whole weight loss journey to get through those sugar cravings AND getting my veggies in at the same time.

I mix mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and don't even taste the veggies! Just tastes like chocolate milk! 

Cocoa powder also carries its own benefits such as improved calmness and contentment, stronger immune system, muscle function, wound healing and more.

And of course all the benefits from the dark leafy greens such as improved gut health, immune boosting, natural energy boost and more. 

Small batches only to ensure highest possibly quality.

Available in TWO SIZES. 

After sold out, it will take 8 weeks to restock, so ORDER NOW! :)

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