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Chocolate Greens

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Chocolate Greens
Chocolate Greens

This may be my favorite product I've created so far. It's one I wish I could have had for my whole weight loss journey to get through those sugar cravings AND getting my veggies in at the same time.

I mix mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and don't even taste the veggies! Just tastes like chocolate milk! Add it to warmed milk to make a hot cocoa :) 

Cocoa powder also carries its own benefits such as improved calmness and contentment, stronger immune system, muscle function, wound healing and more.

And of course all the benefits from the dark leafy greens such as improved gut health, immune boosting, natural energy boost and more. 

As usual, I only ordered a small batch since it's the launch so it will sell out fast.

Each bottle contains 60 servings.

After sold out, it will take 6 weeks to restock, so ORDER NOW! :)

Customer Reviews

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So good I just add it to my dinner shake and it makes it taste even better 😋

Too sweet

I was excited to try the chocolate greens. It was too sweet for me. I was sad.


I absolutely love using this in my coffee for a wonderful morning drink or in the afternoon for a pick-me-up. Thank you SO much Tiff!!!!

Awesome chocolate greens

These chocolate greens are amazing sometimes I’ll put them in my protein shake in the morning or I will make chocolate milk out of them I just placed an order for the family size and that will be here on Thursday looking forward to it anybody who’s on the fence about Trying these you  should definitely give them a try You won’t regret it

Great Taste! Love it in my coffee!

After watching this being made into a mocha iced coffee multiple times, I knew I had to try it! I now have this every single morning in an iced coffee and I understand all the hype around it. It makes me feel great knowing I'm getting greens, chocolate, coffee, and a sweet drink all in one to enjoy in the morning. Shortly after getting a smaller size, I ordered the family size and now I'm hoping I don't run out before I get that one lol. This blends well in room temp or warm water or almond/cashew milk with a milk frother. I like to do half a glass of Dunkin Iced coffee over ice, a few squirts of Stevia, the chocolate greens mixed in warmed almond/cashew milk with my inositol powder, and then top it off with more milk. Love it!

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