Dana’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

Every time I get to find out your story and how the 21 Day Meal Plan is working for you, helping you live a healthier life, it makes me so happy, proud, and certain that this is my purpose in life. By working together, we CAN crush our health goals!

Dana is using the 21 Day Meal Plan to make a lifestyle change for the better—and she’s losing weight despite any limitations her autoimmune condition might impose! So inspiring. Read on for her story in her own word:

Dear Tiffany (and Anthony and Sam),

I never had a flat stomach. Growing up, I had the belly that’s seen as cute on a toddler but that sticks around and becomes not so cute fat on a teen.

I used to binge eat as a teen and grew up with a less than healthy relationship with food. 

Six years ago (well into adulthood), I was on the playground with my daughter and a woman asked me when I was due. I wasn’t pregnant.

This fueled a weight loss and for the first time, I was thin. But my relationship with food was still poor and within a year I had gained twenty pounds back.

Around that time my health rapidly declined and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). This condition affects my heart rate, ability to exercise, and daily life. Fast forward to 2018 and I was SEVENTY pounds heavier than my smallest size, miserable, and still not figuring out what worked. 

I had years of yo-yo dieting and failed fads. And then I stumbled across you Tiffany and your plan. You are so beautiful and raw and real. You show us you are human, you have good and bad days and you make healthy eating something that is feasible and attainable for everyone. 

Buying the 21 Day Meal Plan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I cannot thank you enough. You’ve given me a way of eating that works for me (I’ve lost 25 pounds so far!) but more importantly you’ve given me food freedom. I know how to eat, I’m physically and mentally stronger, and I no longer have guilt or feel controlled by sugar and unhealthy choices. No matter how fast or slow my weight loss is, I know I can sustain it, I’ll make my goals, and every step is in the right direction. 

You’ve also given me access to this amazing community, this tribe of endlessly supportive strangers who give me daily drive to keep going while building people up and sharing my journey.

Thank you. You are a life changer.



If you’d like to get started on the 21 Day Meal Plan yourself, you can purchase it here: https://myadventuretofit.com/product/21daymealplan/ref/1718/

Or, if you have a similar success story you’d like to share, please email it to kendra@myadventuretofit.com

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