Danielle’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

This is what I live for—helping you lose weight, get healthier, and all the other benefits that go along with this journey! It takes dedication and it’s not easy, but it’s SO worth it. My #MealPlanBabes™—you’re so amazing and inspiring!

Danielle is one such Meal Plan Babe™. With her permission, I’d like to share her story with you all:

I’ve always struggled with being overweight. I’ve tried MANY different diets and nothing would stick. I would always just gain all the weight back plus a little more. I had seen people posting about your plan, and I kept thinking I should try it but worried I would give up just like I always had in the past.

Well, I decided to take the risk and buy the 21 Day Meal Plan™. I looked it all over and it looked really easy to follow. Nothing too crazy and a plan that I could actually follow! So, I set the date to start and I followed through. Not going to lie, the first few days were hard. I felt sick to my stomach in the first few days just because of the sugar withdrawals. I knew I had to keep going and it would pay off… Well, it did.

In the first round I lost 14 pounds! I started at 198 pounds and thought that scale would never get out of the 190s. I was so excited! Seeing those results made me want to keep going. Now I’m on the 4th round. I do have to say, I let myself go a bit during the Christmas break. But still—since starting at the beginning of November, I’ve lost over 30 pounds!!! I’m going to Europe with my boyfriend in May, so I’m very motivated for the next 3 months to lose as much as I can. 

I love how healthy I feel on this plan. It’s like I’ve learnt more about food than I ever have in my life just in the 3 months that I’ve been on your plan.

Thank you for changing my life! <3 

Danielle Dunbar


If you have a similar success story you’d like to share, please email it to myadventuretofit91@gmail.com

Or, if you’d like to get started on the 21 Day Meal Plan™ yourself, you can purchase it here: www.myadventuretofit.com/product/21daymealplan/

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