Eliminating your “trigger foods.” The mental side of weight loss.

One of my favorite things about being so involved with my meal plan group (besides watching women completely transform their lives of course) is seeing the mental switch occur. The moment that they figure out exactly what they need to do to beat the horrible disease they’ve been fighting most of their lives. The thing is, weight loss is so tricky. There’s usually a different reason each person has landed in the point that they are at where they feel as they have no self control. For some, it’s sugar. For some, it’s salt. For some, it’s cheese. For some, it’s bread. I truly believe that every person has a trigger and the trigger can sometimes be hidden and the person has no knowledge of what it is or how to fix it. For me personally, it was bread and cheese. When I made the decision to fully eliminate it – no joke, I became sane on the subject of food. I had self control for the first time in my life. So many times I used to “diet”, I would be making my kids food and literally would salivate and just stare at it? Know someone else who does that? Yeah, me neither. As a parent, I felt trapped. I felt like I could eat just a bite of the chicken nuggets or just a bite of the mac n’ cheese but for some reason, I could never have just a bite. When I eliminated dairy and gluten, all of the “triggers” went away. Now, I had self control. The decision I made was to stay away from gluten and dairy so that just meant I couldn’t have that and I was content with it. The list of things I couldn’t have was 2 (dairy and gluten), the list of things I could have was unlimited. This mindset made it so easy for me.  I’m not saying you should eliminate those 2 things. What I’m saying is what’s your trigger? What’s the common factor? Is it bread, potatoes, fried foods, sugar, salt? What is it? Okay, now eliminate that. You’ll be forced to find healthier alternatives. Those alternatives will never be the same as the original thing, but will still satisfy you but allow you self control.

So this got me thinking. I wondered what my girls who are doing my meal plan thought. I asked “what is something you have learned from doing the 21 Day Meal Plan?

Read what my babes had to say.

• How simple it is to read the ingredients list on the back of foods, and to not get foods that have a bunch of other unnecessary ingredients in them.

• To be conscious of what I’m putting in my body

• To count non scale victories as well. 😊

• I realized how much salt I was adding to my food along with how much sodium was in items I thought were “so healthy”

• That salt is a culprit. It makes so much sense now. Restaurants and especially fast foods pound their “food” with salt for flavor to cover up processed crap. Being overweight my entire life, I’ve always focused on food. Now I can really focus on food but in a new way-focused on details. Eliminating and saying no to those foods that are processed and filled with garbage and learning to actually TASTE wholeFoods without covering them in salt/cheese/butter. I’m on R1D16 and have eaten at a restaurant twice during this round. I can tell IMMEDIATELY if what they brought me has been salted. In the past, I would have added salt before even tasting the food 😳

• Taking away salt has changed my views on food – I lost so much weight without salt who knew ? #gamechanger

• I can do something if I set my mind to it

• I’ve learned how to better read labels and look for hidden ingredients.To be more conscious of what goes into my body. How my body reacts to foods high in sodium. How my body reacts to gluten and sugar. Consistency is key and not to get down on myself if I decide to treat myself or I forget to pack a fully compliant lunch.

• Self control! I am the only one who can decide what I put in my mouth. When going out with others, I don’t have to eat that slice of cheesecake just because they are. If I’m full, don’t eat. Workout or drink water instead 💁🏻‍♀️ remind yourself everyday why you are on this journey, every decision made is a choice… It’s just up to me and solely me to make the right ones 😘

• I’ve realized how much money I spend eating out compared to making my own food. I also realized how much my body does not like processed greasy food.

• Portion control. I don’t need as much as I ate before, and I stop when I’m full. I can enjoy how things taste, but food is fuel…I shouldn’t be poisoning myself and keeping myself from living life healthy and with energy because I want to eat certain foods without self control. I’m 53 days in (less than two months, now in my consecutive 3rd round) and down 29 lbs. IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. I’m learning to take my life back. 🙌

• Definitely being more aware of salt content in food. But how much is achievable! Looking at Tiffany and Jasmine and what they accomplished in such a short about of time! I’m getting married next June and I can do it! It is achievable! 💪🏻

• I’ve learned that I can hold myself accountable. That I don’t need others to motivate me, I can motivate myself, even though the girls in this group are the absolute best supporters! I’ve learned that I was eating just to eat as opposed to eating because I needed the nutrition. And I’ve learned that being on a diet does have to suck, you can eat amazing things and shed weight. Grateful for this beyond words.

• Without salt in my diet I actually feel hydrated when I drink water rather than thirsty all of the time.

• What haven’t I learned from this plan?!!!! I’ve learned portion control, healthy food options, how to better manage my anxiety threw nutrition and the list goes on!!

• Discipline. I am in control of my body and emotions.

• I’ve learned that I’m not alone. And that what one person does another person can do, too.

• I have learned that the body can achieve what the mind wants! And with this plan I have changed the way I look at food and the way I look at myself too… I just love it 😊

• How to read ingredients! this has helped me so much!

• You decide what results you get! Follow the plan!

• I have learned that I anything fried and filled with dairy makes me sick and running to the restroom… and if I stick to the set foods I feel fine… I have been playing with this tracking it…

• How to read the ingredients/Nutrition facts. How much sodium and oil I was adding to my food.

• That my goal weight is within reach, I just have to stay consistent.

• How important water is to weight loss and that this is not a diet but a life change. 💜

• To allllways look at the nutrition information !

• I’ve learned how much my cravings used to control me. The whole three weeks I craved cheese, bread and chocolate. Just finished my first round and lost 9 lbs, went out for food to have a treat and actually I didn’t want any of those things. I had a little bit of pizza and it just isn’t as good as I made it out to be in my head.

• Learning that what was advertised on the front of the food packaging like “healthy” or “better choice” or “less sodium” doesn’t tell the whole story about the food. I have seen things listed as “less sodium” and then you read what is “less” and find out it still has over 300mg of sodium. Reading labels is important!

• The effect watching my salt intake had on weight loss. Amazing!

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