Hallie’s (And Brandon’s) 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

Reading your success brings happy tears to my eyes—knowing that this plan is changing others’ lives for the better the way it changed mine makes me so unbelievably happy!

Hallie and Brandon are doing the 21 Day Meal Plan together and totally kicking butt! Read on for their full story:

I don’t even know where to begin, honestly. I found the plan on Instagram, and I just knew there had to be a catch… I thought it was too good to be true, so I followed a few people for about 3 months before finally purchasing and starting the meal plan. All I can say is don’t wait—there isn’t a catch, this is real, attainable, and nothing short of amazing!!! 

Brandon and I combined have lost over 60 pounds together since November 5th, 2018. 
This meal plan has changed our entire lives. We’ve gone through a couple of trying obstacles this winter, and I don’t think we’d be where we are if it weren’t for the meal plan! It has changed our attitudes, our outlook on life, and even our desires! I can’t wait to see where we are in another 5 months! 

I cannot say thank you enough to Tiffany and all the Meal Plan Babes™. This tribe is unbreakable and I wouldn’t still be on this journey without each and every one of you! ♥️ 


If you’d like to get started on the 21 Day Meal Plan yourself, you can purchase it here: https://myadventuretofit.com/product/21daymealplan/ref/492/

Or, if you have a similar success story you’d like to share, please email it to kendra@myadventuretofit.com

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