I had a personal Instagram that I used very rarely. About 3 days into my weight loss journey, I started searching for hashtags of people loosing weight. Things like #weightloss, #weightlosstransformation and #weightlossjourey . I wanted to find people who were losing weight, how they were doing it, what they were thinking about it etc. I also started following a lot of “goal accounts”… people who I wanted to be like body wise. After a certain amount of time doing this, I wanted to post and share my story but I didn’t want to post it on my personal IG because at that point, I had tried and failed COUNTLESS diets.  I didn’t want to make myself look stupid if I failed again (not that I was setting myself up for failure, but I never thought I would fail the other billion times either). So I made a public fitness IG and made my first post. I had 62 complete strangers like my photo! I remember feeling so amazing that people I had never met before supported me. I was hooked. I started following probably 300 fitness people and had a feed everyday of people motivating me and pushing me forward. I followed mostly people who were doing the same workout as me at that time. I was doing Insanity Max 30 so I would look for hashtags like #insanitymax30sweatintervals if the workout was Sweat Intervals that day or whatever workout it was and see all the people who were doing the same workout as me on the same day as me. SO COOL! I felt like I had people on the same team as me. Then, when I would wake up in the morning I would check my feed first thing to see people had done their workouts already and they video’d them. I watched them and each time it inspired me to get up and get my workout in. It became so exciting. It was such a different life and I was loving every minute of it.

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  1. Lapina Jamison - August 27, 2019 at 5:57 pm Reply

    I’m looking forward to losing weight

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