Jen’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

Losing weight can be such a struggle—that’s why anything that can make the journey a little easier, whether it’s a supportive community, meal inspiration, healthy guidelines to live by, and more, is so important to me. It’s why I shared the 21 Day Meal Plan with my followers and why together we created this amazing community of Meal Plan Babes™.

Your stories are so inspiring and Jen’s is no different! Here’s her story in her own words:

For years, I have been struggling with my weight—it has been both up and down. About a year ago, I gained close to 30 pounds and I continued to eat, thinking that since I was so active in the gym, the weight would fall off.

It didn’t.

I was eating fast food, junk food, lattes, chocolate, you name it! I became extremely self-conscious and depressed over it, and I stopped dressing nice at work, which I hated because I LOVE to dress nice and professional.

One day in November of 2018, I was scrolling on Instagram and I came across a photo of Jasmine. She was holding one of her little ones and she was wearing a red shirt and jeans. I clicked on her name to go to her page and I INSTANTLY started following her. I was blown away by her motivation and positivity. She and Jeremy just amazed me! I bought the 21 Day Meal Plan and started it on December 1st, 2018 and the weight just started falling off! I couldn’t believe that—for the first time EVER—I didn’t have to starve myself, binge eat, or restrict myself to eating only lettuce!

This plan has changed my life and I feel much more confident. My blood pressure has dropped TREMENDOUSLY and my doctor is so impressed with my progress. She is well aware of my weight loss struggle, and she couldn’t be happier for me! Every day, I feel great when I get dressed and my clothes are huge. I recently purchased an entire new wardrobe. I still wear some of my old clothes, and I’m keeping them for photos’ sake! So many of my colleagues are asking me what I’m doing—it’s insane. As of last week, I am officially 25 pounds down! I wish I had measured my stomach and waist, but I have lost a TON of inches!

Also, I began following Tiffany, obviously, and I teared up while I was watching one of her videos that she reposted from the beginning of her journey. She was doing some HIIT. I felt like I could relate to her and I really felt it in my heart. I told myself that I could do it, too. Now, here I am, feeling fantastic, healthy, and my confidence is back! Thank you! <3 #MealPlanBabe4LIFE


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  1. Heidi - February 28, 2019 at 2:16 am Reply

    Thank you for this post! I bought the 21 day plan a couple of days ago…read it and then made a list of what I should eat and put it on the front of my refrigerator. We have been having torrential rain for many days and I finally got a break in the weather today so I bought most of the food I need. It is difficult to find some of the food products that were recommended in the 21 day plan so tomorrow I will travel farther to another grocery store that might have the foods I couldn’t find in my town. Getting posts from you (and any others that would like to share with me) keeps me motivated…it’s easier if I don’t feel that I’m dieting alone. Your posts also helps me feel that I have to be accountable for my choices. Your post helps motivate me and it helps me be accountable to stay the course! Your progress definitely is making a wonderful change/improvement in your appearance! Congratulations! I look forward to being able to fit into my “skinny” clothes that I keep in a box in the garage. Today I started the diet plan. I also put my bike trainer in the living room and got my music equipment there. Tomorrow I intend to work out on my bike trainer. I’ve always lost weight by doing long distance bike riding and lost 30-40 pounds (50-75 mile rides)…but then when I wasn’t able to do the bike riding because of extreme heat outdoors, etc. I gained the weight back. I am doing this program because it will give me an edge in losing weight and keeping it off even when I can’t do my long distance bike riding. (Like this last week when we are having torrential rains so bad that I don’t even want to drive the car.) And I believe that changing my eating habits will help me keep my weight down even when I can’t exercise. You look GREAT in your bathing suit….I’m looking forward to being able to fit into mine also by this summer. The photo of you in your bathing suit reminded me that I will want to be able to wear mine too this summer so that picture gave me great motivation to do this diet! I wouldn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit unless I lose the weight. I put a full length mirror in the living room by my bicycle to remind me why I don’t want to cheat on this diet. That would be cheating myself.

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