Jesse’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story—with IBS!

Something I’ve found from my own weight loss journey is that there is no “quick fix.” I used to go on shake diets to lose weight fast, but it never truly worked because I’d just gain all the weight back—as well as feel hungry and even faint. It’s all about starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and seeing the desired results from that takes dedication, hard work, and time! But it’s absolutely doable—especially with the support of the Meal Plan Babes™.

Jesse has been using the 21 Day Meal Plan to make a healthy lifestyle change successfully and has already gone down several sizes! Read on for her full story in her own words:

I was always a really active person and played team sports my whole life. In November 2016, I suffered a really bad concussion and was off work for 8 months. I could not do any physical activity, and I let my eating habits go. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so my mental health suffered a lot during this period. I was at my highest (recorded) weight at 265 lbs. I continued to eat poorly until January 2018 when I decided I was tired of feeling this way. I also have IBS, so I got food allergy testing done and after I discovered my gluten/dairy/egg allergies, I cut out those foods and lost 20 lbs just from cutting them out.

By the end of 2018, in October, I finally decided to buy the 21 Day Meal Plan through Jasmine (we went to university together—we were never close, but it’s a small school and we have a lot of good mutual friends). 

After seeing her success, I bought the plan in October but didn’t begin until December 2018. I went through a separation with my partner of 4 years. Once I moved out and got a new apartment, I knew I was ready to commit to the plan!

Seeing Jasmine’s success was so inspiring—I actually knew her and had been to the same bar and parties when we were young and doing our undergrad. I knew I could do it, too. 

I’m so thankful I found the plan because it’s a lifestyle change, and while it’s going slower than I would like (my IBS and hypothyroidism complicate things, on top of GAD and clinical depression), I’ve discovered that when I eat good, I feel good! The 21 Day Meal Plan has changed my relationship with food. 

From December 2018-March 2019, I’ve lost 18 lbs and have gone from a size 18 in pants to a size 14! And from XXL leggings to L!

I want people to know that you can have all the bricks stacked against you and you might feel overwhelmed trying to break through that wall, but you don’t need to break it down—it’s all about taking it down brick by brick. Little changes add up, and you will achieve your goals if you are consistent!



If you’d like to get started on the 21 Day Meal Plan yourself, you can purchase it here:

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  1. Heidi - March 28, 2019 at 5:41 pm Reply

    I’m glad for your success! I need to buy the book that has the recipes in it because I need to re-vamp my diet plan. I want to get outside and exercise but today we had very loud, huge thunder followed by torrential rain (which we have been having on and off the last couple of weeks). It has rained so much that the grass and sod can’t soak it up so there is water on top of the grass now. I avoid driving around or going anywhere in this weather. My goal is to eat a lot of greens, broccoli, and other healthy food that fills me up easily. I bought the black bean patties that the diet recommends but it is quite a drive to the store where they sell them and I have run out of the patties a couple of time (they taste good and are filling so I don’t get hungry) so I am loading up on cans of black beans instead so when I run out of bean patties I will have a similar option.

    Enough about me! what are you eating on your diet plan?

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