Kara’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

Please don’t ever think that just because you only needed to lose X amount of pounds that it isn’t as meaningful—because it definitely is! Reading about your 21 Day Meal Plan successes, weight loss victories, and non-scale victories—all of them—makes me so, SO happy! I adore my Meal Plan Babes™, no matter how much weight you’re using my meal plan to lose. <3

Kara shared her inspiring transformation with us and we want to share it with you, too. Read on for her story:

Hi Tiffany and Sam!!!

I’ve been following you guys for a while now, and I’ve also been following your meal plan. I started my fitness journey before I found your plan, but my biggest transformation came when I actually started the 21 Day Meal Plan! I’ve lost almost 20 pounds from your plan. That does not sound like a lot, but it’s a good amount for me at my height, since I am only 5 ft.

I hated myself in the before pictures and now I can finally say I love myself. Thank you both for all you do!! You guys are amazing. I was honestly scared to even send this to you guys, because in my mind it’s not like a “CRAZY transformation” compared to what you guys post. I then thought about it and said you know what, oh well, I am going to send it anyway! I am so proud of my weight loss and it’s been a hard journey and I wanted to thank you!


If you’d like to get started on the 21 Day Meal Plan yourself, you can purchase it here: www.myadventuretofit.com/product/21daymealplan/

Or, if you have a similar success story you’d like to share, please email it to kendra@myadventuretofit.com

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