Katie’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

Throughout my life and when I was first starting out on this weight loss journey, I tried a LOT of different ways to lose weight. Usually, they didn’t really work for me (sometimes even making me GAIN weight) or they just weren’t sustainable, and I’d gain any weight I’d lost right back. Best case scenario—they’d work for me for a while and then I’d hit a plateau that was just impossible to get past. All of this experience is what led to the creation of the 21 Day Meal Plan. So far, my experience has shown that the 21 Day Meal Plan works for just about everyone, so long as it’s followed 100%, and even though weight loss plateaus are always inevitable, patience and consistency on the plan has always handled every plateau for me so far. In fact, it’s how I reached my lowest ever weight!

I know I’m not alone. Katie also tried other things that just didn’t work for her. Now she’s on the plan and doing so amazing! Read on for her story in her own words:

I gained a lot of weight (almost 60 lbs) from having my son in 2017. I had been following Tiffany’s page when I started my weight loss journey, but when I found her, I was already following a keto lifestyle—which caused almost 2 years of my weight yo-yoing down and then back up to my original weight or even higher. It wasn’t sustainable, and I would become discouraged and give up, only to start back up a few months later. It ended up causing me to binge eat in between falling off keto and starting back up again. Even when I was eating “keto-friendly” foods, I would be binge snacking on ridiculous amounts of cheese or something with high amounts of sodium.

I always had Tiffany and her amazing progress in the back of my head, but I didn’t know if I could do it and remain compliant. I finally decided that enough was enough and just bought the plan one night at 3 a.m. after I saw all of these amazing success stories on the 21 Day Meal Plan IG page. I read the plan up and down, and the next day I started it. It wasn’t even a Monday or the 1st of the month… I just knew it was time to start because the longer I waited, the more likely it was that I would chicken out.

I found that my keto ways were actually really unhealthy and part of the reason for my binging. I was eating crazy amounts of dairy and salt! On her plan, I now look forward to cooking and getting creative with the compliant ingredients, and I’m proud of myself when I make my own concoctions and find that my family enjoys them, too. I genuinely enjoy the food, and I don’t crave cheese or salt anymore. Most importantly, this is the longest amount of time I’ve stayed motivated with my eating habits, the happiest I’ve been with my body and myself since my son was born, and the first time that I actually believe in myself that I can reach my goals.

By the end of Round 1, I achieved a total loss of almost 14 lbs! And what is even more amazing is that I finally broke into the 160s for the first time since October 2017, which is a true feat for me. This gives me all the confidence in the world to keep at this! I don’t feel obligated, I don’t feel like I’m craving things I don’t eat, and most importantly, I love everything about this plan and how I feel on it! On to Round 2!


If you’d like to get started on the 21 Day Meal Plan yourself, you can purchase it here: www.myadventuretofit.com/product/21daymealplan/

Or, if you have a similar success story you’d like to share, please email it to kendra@myadventuretofit.com

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  1. Marie - March 30, 2019 at 4:23 am Reply

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I started the diet but some of the things I was supposed to eat was difficult for me to buy and keep in stock…not at my local stores. I’ve looked at the cookbooks that go along with this diet plan…I tend to be vegetarian although I do eat salmon, tuna, chicken breast, eggs, egg whites. Not into meat. Did you use any of the diet books and would they contain good recipes for someone who doesn’t eat a lot of different kinds of meat? I was raised mainly ovo-lacto vegetarian and I don’t eat any other meats (partly for religious reasons) other than what I mentioned. Do you know if the cook books that go along with the 21 day diet would have recipes that I could eat in them?

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