Laura’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

You ladies are bringing happy tears to my eyes—the level of love and support of the Meal Plan Babes™ is something I personally haven’t found anywhere else! Learning your stories and the success so many of you are having on the 21 Day Meal Plan makes me SO happy and proud!

With her permission, I’d like to share Laura’s success story with you all:

Hi Tiffany,

I just want to start out by saying thank you. Thank you for creating such a realistic, satisfying, and effective lifestyle plan. <3

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and I was an athlete for the majority of my life—until 3 years ago when I finished my final year of university basketball. Once I was done with sports, I still worked out and maintained my fitness, but I slowly gained around 30 lbs because the level of fitness was not the same as when I was playing basketball, yet I was still eating the same as when I was a high-level athlete.

I know Jasmine in my personal life—we played basketball against each other in university, and I was following her personal page when she announced that she would be doing the 21 Day Meal Plan. I decided to follow her new Instagram account, and I must say that I was so intrigued. Jasmine inspired me to try the plan, because I was tired of not losing any weight on my own—and trust me, I had tried. 

I am 6’0” tall, and have always been curvy (ass, hips, and thighs), but I was getting to the point this past summer where I was uncomfortable with my body and embarrassed to be in a bathing suit. This was a new feeling for me because I had never felt embarrassed about my body to this degree. I also believe that tall folks like myself hold weight differently, so although other people may not notice the weight—we do for sure. 

In September, I started the 21 Day Meal Plan and haven’t looked back since. I lost 21 lbs in 2 months and have maintained that weight since November. I still have some weight to lose, and it is coming off slowly but surely. 😊

The Meal Plan fits so well with my life—just the right amount of structure, and just the right amount of freedom. Like seriously, what other plan allows you to eat pasta whenever you want and still lose weight?! I am so proud when people notice that I’ve slimmed down, and I am even more proud to tell them about the plan!  

The Meal Plan Babes™ are so amazing—the accountability and support from these women is unparalleled. 

Not only am I noticing changes in my body—my weight loss has helped me with my yoga practice (MUCH more flexible and stronger), my running (stamina and pace), and has given me a wonderful confidence that I have not had in a long time! 

I am forever grateful for the 21 Day Meal Plan, and I hope to inspire other folks to make a healthy lifestyle change, too. <3

Xo, Laura
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