Madison’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

The 21 Day Meal Plan is all about living a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes it can be tough to get there, but with dedication and the support of this awesome Meal Plan Babes™ community, it can be done!

Take Madison, for example. Through dedication and determination, she’s used the 21 Day Meal Plan to lose 40 pounds—and that’s only so far. Read on for her full story in her own words:

Before I started this journey, I had just had my second baby in less than three years, topping out at 306 lbs when I went into the hospital and finding myself at 292 at my two-week postpartum visit. 

I was uncomfortable and tired, emotional and desperate. 

My in-laws invited my husband to fly from Colorado to Florida with my two-year-old daughter to visit them. While I knew we could barely afford for us all to go, the reality was also that I was terrified I wouldn’t fit! They planned the trip for just them, and my newborn and I would be left behind.

And that was it. I was officially missing out on parts of her life. Her first plane ride—what next?

I’ve been heavy my whole life, but I had always felt strong and able bodied. 

Two C-sections and overweight by 150 lbs had left me weak, exhausted, and struggling to keep up. 

So, when my baby was two months old, I found the 21 Day Meal Plan. I found a photo of a beautiful Canadian nursing her young child, talking about how she had lost 80+ lbs, and upon further research I discovered how she did it! 

During an act of desperation, I signed up for a dietbet and then bought the meal plan. 

My first round, I managed three days before I fell off. 

I tried again and made it five days. 

My first month, I lost over 10 lbs—even with consistent failure! 

Slowly this meal plan morphed into my lifestyle—it became my baseline while the chocolates and french fries became my rarities.

I’m 40 lbs down now. 

I’m not stopping until I hit at least 40 more! 

I’ve hit plateaus with weight loss, but I feel confident in the plan and the process. It doesn’t scare me to wait—I know change is coming. It already has! And being able to do this while nursing has been huge for me, because I never wanted to jeopardize my milk supply or take something dangerous for my baby in order to lose weight. 

<3 Madison Busi


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  1. Heidi - March 20, 2019 at 12:55 am Reply

    You go girl! Awesome! Dealing with childbirth, breast feeding, and kids while dieting is a challenge and you are persistent. I can see the improvement. I appreciate seeing how others do it when I feel challenged or am tempted to back slide on my diet. I look forward to seeing how awesome you will be when you reach your goal! With all you have to do for your family you keep on going! I guess I have no excuses if I don’t follow my diet because I don’t have kids to take care of as well as myself. I’m looking forward to seeing you reach your goal!

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