Megan’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

The 21 Day Meal Plan is about so much more than just losing weight. It’s about becoming healthier—both physically and mentally. It’s about changing our lives for the better, whether that means a healthier weight, improved physical health, more confidence, better habits, or something else.

Megan used the 21 Day Meal Plan to change her life for the better. Read on for her full story in her own words:

I am so happy that I found the 21 Day Meal Plan.

I had been following the account for almost six months; I even told my mom that all these people were having such good success on this meal plan and that I wanted to be one of them. So, the next day I bought the plan, and I’m not looking back now.

In the first round, I was 100% compliant, and I lost a total of 30 pounds, going from a size 31 in jeans to a size 29. My weight went from 210 to 180. My goal weight for myself is 140 pounds, so I will be following this lifestyle for the rest of the year and further.

A little back story about myself: when I was 15, I was in a horseback riding accident. I suffered severe depression and tried to kill myself four times. I went to a bible conference as a last-ditch effort to do better, and my life started to improve. However, I became addicted to self-harming my body with a razor. This may be uncomfortable to read and I apologize for that, but I cut myself every day for almost 7 years. It was a way for me to stay thin. Instead of eating when I was hungry, I would cut. Or, if I ate too much, I would cut as punishment.

I was about 110 pounds and as the years went by, I started to get healthier—for my graduation in 2012 I was up to 120 pounds. Fast forward five years and that brings us to 2017. This was the year I decided enough was enough—I no longer needed to harm my body. I wasn’t dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder from my accident; I was in a good place mentally and physically.

So, I went from being addicted to self-harm to a low-key food addiction. I developed a binging disorder where all I would do was eat and eat and eat. I would eat three bags of potato chips in a weekend. My asthma got horrible, and I had zero energy for my job as a daycare teacher. 

When I started the plan, I weighed myself the morning of and saw that I was 210 pounds. In two years, I had gained 80 pounds. I knew I had gained weight, I just didn’t know it was going to be that much.

I joined a gym in October and then joined the meal plan in February, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Before the plan, I had horrible acne, I had horrible mood swings, my nose was always plugged, and I had major salt cravings and horrible PMS cramps.

Now, since being on the plan for 28 days, my sinuses have never been as clear, I no longer have acne, and I can’t even tell that I’m on my period because it’s so easy and pain free. I have more energy for the kids at work and for myself. I feel like I’m finally living again. Thank you, Tiffany, for creating this and sharing it; and, thank you to all the 21 Day Meal Plan babes that share their journeys on their social media platforms. I am so happy to be a part of this family. <3 <3

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  1. Heidi Hoover-Murray - March 13, 2019 at 9:48 pm Reply

    LOVE YOURSELF! No matter what you weigh. I have been to 200 pounds before due to being in a medical boot for over a year and had to learn how to walk again, etc. I eventually was able to do things that doctors told me that I would never be able to do. I lost weight and got down to 154 pounds. Then I hit a time when it seemed like I couldn’t lose more weight and we also had 105 degree weather and I had no air conditioning so all I did was sit in front of a fan and try to go somewhere that had air conditioning. I tried an air conditioned gym but the bike trainer and equipment didn’t fit my body so I ended up with tendonitis and couldn’t exercise until it went away months later. My hubby kept nagging me that I wasn’t losing weight fast enough. I crashed and burned and ended up at 200 pounds again. Then I started trying to improve and by the time I found this program I had got down to 184.5 pounds over a long period of time without trying that hard. I refused to weigh myself for a long time because I was afraid that I was 200 pounds again. But I wasn’t. I was 184.5 pounds. So far on this diet I have lost 3.5 pounds. I haven’t been on this diet very long so far. But although its nice to lose weight fast, as long as I am losing weight I am happy. Mainly, I am just trying to eat healthy food. My goal is to be 125 pounds and I am 5’5″ tall. I don’t know how tall you are but your picture makes you look like you are not that tall either. If your height is what I think it is trying to get below 120-125 pounds would be unhealthy. Eat healthy food. Get a little exercise. Love yourself. You deserve it! You are doing great! Live a long, healthy life because that is what you deserve!

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