Nicole’s 21 Day Meal Plan Success Story

I’ve been there—trying every new fad that was supposed to help me lose weight. It came down to 2 different results: gain everything back the minute I stopped because it just wasn’t sustainable or simply not see any results at all! This is how the 21 Day Meal Plan was born—a meal plan that’s about health, that’s a lifestyle, and that WORKS.

It’s the plan that finally worked for me, and it worked for Nicole, too. Check out her story in her own words below:

My name is Nicole. I am 47 and I have been overweight for the last 8 years.

I had my 6th baby at 39, and since then life has been a series of hardships. Throughout this, my weight has just stayed the same. I have tried sooo many diets in the last 8 years—I would lose a little weight but could never stay on the diet and so the weight would just come right back with a vengeance.

Now, I have been on the 21 Day Meal Plan for 5 months and counting. I am down 36 pounds so far, committed to the plan, and in it for the long haul! It will probably take another 6 months to get to my goal weight and then move onto maintenance.

I’m so grateful to have found @myadventuretofit and to be headed towards health! 

IG:  @fatyesterday 

If you’d like to get started on the 21 Day Meal Plan yourself, you can purchase it here:

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