Our Favorites Places to Work While Caffeinating

Us gals at My Adventure to Fit HQ were talking about the best cafes to work & eat/caffeinate at, and we decided a proper list was in order!

Here are a few favorite places, plus a few others we’ve been meaning to try.

First, a brief summary:

  • Belleair Coffee Co – Belleair Bluffs
  • Kahwa Coffee – Belleair Bluffs
  • Good Vibes Juice Co – Largo & Dunedin
  • 9th Bar Espresso – Dunedin
  • The Scone Age Bakery & Cafe – Dunedin
  • Craft Kafe – St. Pete
  • Ohana Cafe – Dunedin
  • Grindhouse – Downtown Clearwater
  • Knee Deep Coffee Shop – Clearwater, near downtown

Now, the full break down:

Belleair Coffee Co – This is down in Belleair Bluffs, off Indian Rocks Rd. They have delicious coffee and teas, as well as many gluten-free options (crustless quiche, muffins, scones, etc.) It’s big, nicely decorated, and has free wifi. Hours are 6:30am-6:30pm, except for Sundays, when hours are more limited.

Crustless quiche & lavender latte from Belleair Coffee Co.

Kahwa Coffee – This is also in Belleair Bluffs, off of Westbay. They have delicious coffee–their vanilla lavender latte, their raspberry rose latte (Might be seasonal – Feb?), and their marshmallow mocha (Seasonal – Holiday Season) are SO good. (They also have a new matcha latte, which is probably delish.) Their coffee, in general (espresso, coffee, cold brew), is just really good. They usually have one type of gluten-free muffin available, and that’s it. So coming here is more about wifi and good coffee than it is about snacks. Hours are also 6:30am-6:30pm, and they open slightly later on weekends.

Raspberry Rose Latte from Kahwa

Good Vibes Juice Co. – The acai bowls, and the smoothies, and the juices…oh man, so good!!! And so healthy and clean! The granola for the acai bowls gluten-free, so it’s perfect. A personal fave is the Rooker acai bowl (strawberries, blueberries, and banana) with almond butter, but they have all kinds of fruits and combos and toppings to choose from. There’s two close-ish locations, one off of Missouri technically in Largo and one off of Main in Dunedin. Hours are 8am-6pm and 8am-7pm respectively. Both have free wifi, and the interior is bigger at the Largo location, so more seating there. But the overall atmosphere is better in Dunedin. Both are great!

Acai bowl & cold pressed juice from Good Vibes

9th Bar Espresso – In Dunedin. They used to have more food available and they made more of an effort with gluten-free stuff, but maybe they weren’t pulling in enough money to continue that. They had (hopefully still have) gluten-free overnight oats, but that was the only gluten-free food item they had. Otherwise, it’s pre-made sandwiches they press to make hot and a few muffins–not gluten-free. Sometimes they do Sunday brunch? Not sure if that’s still a thing though. Anyway–they have yummy coffee, an awesome dirty chai, free wifi, and a work-friendly atmosphere. Hours are 7:30am-3pm on weekdays, 8am-3pm on weekends.

“Muddy Chai” from 9th Bar

The Scone Age Bakery and Cafe – In Dunedin. New-ish and small, it’s a little sparse, but… They have gluten free/vegan scones and other GF baked goods, a crustless quiche that’s supposedly awesome, and homemade gluten-free bread for sandwiches! Can personally attest to the coffee and GF scones (try with clotted cream) being YUM. Free wifi, as well. Hours are 8am-2pm Wed-Sun. They’re closed Mon & Tues.

Drip coffee & gluten free/vegan scones (cranberry orange & molasses ginger)

Craft Kafe – In St. Pete. Holy mother of god–I know, it’s a little far, but personal observtion and Yelp reviews say that this place would be awesome to work at. This place is SO GOOD. EVERYTHING IS GLUTEN FREE. EVERYTHING! Lovelovelove this place. There’s a location in St. Pete and downtown St. Pete. They have free wifi, everyone is SO nice, and their hours are long: 6:30am-7pm, except slightly shorter on Sundays. (Downtown location’s hours are slightly less.)

Iced almond milk lavender latte, GF cherry turnover, & GF savory chicken turnover

Ohana Cafe – In Dunedin. This one is more of a restaurant than a cafe, but A) they have a laid-back enough atmosphere and B) they have free wifi, so why not work here while also gorging on delicious, healthy food? They have tons of awesome gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options on top of their already-healthy menu. Favorites include the gluten-free popovers with the macadamia nut sauce, their loco moco lunch/dinner, and their smoothies! Can’t go wrong with the coffee, either. Hours are: Closed Mon, Tues-Thurs
9am-8pm, Fri-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-3am.

GF popovers with macadamia nut sauce, turkey bacon, fried egg, & fresh fruit

Here are a couple more that have only been slightly personally sampled, but good things have been heard, they seem like they’d be good to work at, and we want to try them out more thoroughly:

Grindhouse – In Downtown Clearwater. (Right across from Starbucks–such a bold move…) Have only once (so far) tried their coffee (an iced coffee) and it was quite good. They use Kahwa coffee to make their drinks, so you know the other coffee items should be solid. And they have ample food choices, like sandwiches, etc., that you can get on gluten-free bread! Plus, packaged Udi’s GF muffins. Free wifi, long hours, and lots of seating. And the fact that they’ve survived so long while being located across the street from a Starbucks bodes well–they must have a pretty good thing going! Hours are 6am-8pm most days, but open til 10pm Fri & Sat.

Knee Deep Coffee Shop – Off of Fort Harrison in Clearwater. Had a dirty chai here once and it was yum! While there, it looked they had some keto stuff, which is coincidentally also GF. Hopefully, they also have some items that are just gluten-free. They serve Buddy Brew coffee, so it’s good quality, and they have GF bread you can get their sandwiches on! Plus a couple of types of smoothies and overnight oats. 🙂 Hours are 7am-7pm, but slightly limited on weekends. Free wifi, as well!

Places that haven’t been tried out yet, but look enticing: Foundation Coffee Co, in Tampa, and Dunedin Coffee Company and Bakery, in Dunedin.

All you locals (or visitors) to the Tampa Bay area, grab your laptops and head on down to one of these awesome places to live your best work-life. Type away with a beautiful latte to hand, host work meetings over better-bad goodies, or just relax on your own or with a friend!

Happy working/caffeinating/eating! <3

P.S. Honorable mention, though it’s more for eating than for working–Fresh Kitchen, in Tampa or St. Pete. 100% gluten free, and the vast majority of dishes are dairy, sugar, and nut free as well. Super delish, super clean. It is the place to BE.

Baked almond chicken, parmesan broccoli, roasted sweet potato, cauli-potato mash, creamy ginger sauce, and iced hibiscus tea.

P.P.S. If you’d like to see more gluten-free, healthy-ish, better bad eating out options as they’re discovered, local to us in FL or other places during travel, follow @girl.versus.gluten on Instagram!

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  1. Marie - April 9, 2019 at 1:32 am Reply

    I don’t have any of these places in my area. I live in northern California.

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