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This product is a PDF download ONLY.

Recipe Book, Volume 1 is an optional companion to the 21 Day Meal Plan—the 21 Day Meal Plan is NOT INCLUDED with this purchase, but it can be purchased here:

This Recipe Book is simply here to help you on your meal plan journey and is for those currently on the 21 Day Meal Plan. The Recipe Book is not necessary to succeed on the plan, but it can help you get more creative with your meal plan compliant meals.

This is the First Edition of the 21 Day Meal Plan Cookbook by @myadventuretofit™ and the #mealplanbabes™.

Volume 1 is more of a beginner’s cookbook for those on their first round of the 21 Day Meal Plan. It includes approximately 90 pages of compliant recipes, such as:

Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes
Lemon Blueberry Danish
90 Second Bread
Jalapeno Poppers
Carrot Cookies
Alfredo Sauce
Red Pepper Sauce
Salad Dressings & Seasonings (Taco, Cajun, etc.)


*Because this is a PDF download, there are no refunds.

Please do not share or copy these documents or files. All files are for personal use only, and all copyrights remain with My Adventure to Fit Inc.

17 reviews for Recipe Book, Volume I—DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

  1. Nadine Ortega

    Easy to use and filled with yummy recipes! Creative ideas I would’ve never thought of and everything is allowed and compliant

  2. Sandra M

    I absolutely love this version! All the basics super easy! I can’t wait to buy the second book. I truly recommend to all the new members to get this. You will experience many ideas!

  3. Angela (verified owner)

    Easy to follow coming from a non cook was very happy with the recipes

  4. Kelly Young (verified owner)

    I just bought both of them yesterday and they are both amazing!!!! So many options that I would have never thought of. I can’t wait for the weekend to be able to experiment more.

  5. Nicole Protopapa

    Very good recipes! This is a must purchase for anytime doing the meal plan!

  6. Celeste Sanders

    Can anyone help with this. I just purchased the online downloadable version but never got a link? And the email it told me to use is not a valid email address. Help!
    Im super excited to start!!!! Ive heard amazing things,a

  7. Mady

    This cookbook has helped my get started on trying new things on the plan. After two rounds I was ready to add creativity and change it up. This helped me accomplish that! Easy step by step instructions.

  8. April Jenks

    Easy and basic cookbook when 1st starting out on this meal plan. It really helps with meal prep ideas and what to Eat.

  9. Meggin (verified owner)

    Great start to a cookbook, but I think Volume II has more to it! Regardless, I enjoy the recipes!

  10. Vanessa Summers (verified owner)

    This recipe has delicious recipes that are easy to follow. Some of them will even surprise you when it comes to how they taste!

  11. Amanda wisiorek (verified owner)

    Excellent recipes, however I just wish the lay out of the cook book was a bit better and more pictures. For it just being a digital download, I’d had hope more time would of been spent on that since they don’t have to worry about print cost.

  12. Aurora M

    Exactly as described. It’s a great way to get started on the plan. My only suggestion is to include more in the table on contents. I hate having to search for my favorites.

  13. Nariah

    All recipes are easy to read and follow! So helpful!

  14. Jamie Bridges (verified owner)

    After I got the plan I kind of struggled with ideas on how to build meals and how to make sauces. I am such a ketchup, bbq, ranch, sweet and sour kind of girl. Not all my faves are in here but I was pleasantly surprised with what was. Also, there are recipes we all want to eat like pizza, tacos, and macaroni and cheese. Say what?! I love how easy the recipes are because like a lot of you probably are, I am slammed busy from sun up to sun down. I also like that it is a digital download so I just have it on my phone meaning I can take it anywhere. Awesome! Love the desserts too!

  15. Victoria

    Great cookbook for beginners on the plan. Just wish there were pictures. Love the Pesto recipe from Volume l! We have it all the time for dinner now.

  16. Brenda Solis

    One of the main reasons people thinks too much before giving this a try is because they feel lost. They don’t know exactly what they will do or how they will prepare their food. I say this because it happened to me. But then I bought this cookbook and viola … Everything just came out easier … A lot of recipes even Mexican Recipes ❤ So I really really recommend this cook book if you’re a starter ????

  17. Annie Pizzutelli

    Really helped me get jump started on the plan! I’m not the best cook and these recipes were easier to follow and delicious.

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