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Recipe Book, Volume 2 is an optional companion to the 21 Day Meal Plan—the 21 Day Meal Plan is NOT INCLUDED with this purchase, but it can be purchased here:

This Recipe Book is simply here to help you on your meal plan journey and is for those currently on the 21 Day Meal Plan. The Recipe Book is not necessary to succeed on the plan, but it can help you get more creative with your meal plan compliant meals.

This is the First Edition of the 21 Day Meal Plan Cookbook by @myadventuretofit™ and @larstofit.

Volume 2 is for those looking to get even more creative with their compliant 21 Day Meal Plan meals. It includes approximately 206 pages of compliant recipes, such as:

Almond Flour Pancakes
Breakfast Burritos
Roasted Carrot Soup
Meaty Pasta Casserole
Chicken Pot Pie
Almond Chicken Strips
Greek Chicken Wraps
Jalapeno Poppers

And so much more!


*Because this is a PDF download, there are no refunds.

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21 reviews for Recipe Book, Volume II—DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

  1. ALICIA (verified owner)

    It’s helpful for those that need help cooking. I love to cook so I could have done with out it. It’s has typos that need to be reviewed. For the amount paid it should be binded. All in all it has good recipe ideas and I love love love the meal plan!

  2. Grace Tiare

    If you have purchased the meal plan I 100% recommend purchasing this cookbook as well! If your stuck with what delicious compliant meals to create this will help you in no time! ???? No regrets purchasing ????????

  3. Hannah (verified owner)

    Volume 2 is my favorite of the two recipe books. Lots of variety. I’m a vegetarian and the recipes are usually very easy to alter to fit my needs. Thanks, Tiffany!

  4. Christa Urtz

    What a cookbook! Such an extensive compilation of delicious, meal plan compliant options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I love the Build Your Own (BYO) recipes, and love how I can customize those meals to my taste, and my husband’s. The BYO Pasta has made it to our weekly rotation-definitely try all of the different sauces! (My favorite is the Alfredo! It’s so creamy!! I add a little extra parsley to mine ????)
    If you’re committed to the plan, this cookbook is a must!

  5. Thaiany

    Tons of easy to make compliant meals! This makes following the plan so much easier.

  6. Kelly Young (verified owner)

    I just bought both of them yesterday and they are both amazing!!!! So many options that I would have never thought of. I can’t wait for the weekend to be able to experiment more.

  7. Stacey (verified owner)

    No regrets making this purchase. I was doing research on losing weight and stumbled upon the IG page. I bought the plan and was confused what to cook and decided to go ahead and purchased volume 11. I hate cooking but am putting together my shopping list and cant wait to start the plan and cooking. Thank you for this. Cant wait to share my gains (weight loss, confidence and strength).

  8. Mady

    This cookbook has really tested my skills in the kitchen. There’s so many recipes that my husband will eat and enjoy even when’s he is being stubborn about trying “meal plan food.” I like to bring this cookbook out on special occasions!

  9. April Jenks (verified owner)

    It is a more advanced cookbook for people that have been following the plan for awhile and are looking for more variety with the meals and foods they eat. Worth the money.

  10. Caitlin (verified owner)

    Before the meal plan I couldn’t cook anything ???? the second cook book has legit helped me to make some amazing foods and get creative and helped me to stay on track most important because I can’t use the excuse of “I don’t know how” because I have the recipe RIGHT in front of me!! I love this plan and Tiffany so much. Thank you!

  11. Meggin (verified owner)

    The best!!! I couldn’t do it without this cookbook. The “cheese sauces” are the best!

  12. Vanessa Summers (verified owner)

    This recipe has delicious recipes that are easy to follow. Some of them will even surprise you when it comes to how they taste! It even has sauces you can make that taste amazing! This is by far my favorite of the two recipe books!

  13. Serena Vlavianos (verified owner)

    Great recipes to help keep you on plan. Highly recommended!

  14. Melissa

    This cookbook is outstanding! So many great recipes. Love all the flavor in the foods and not taste like card board!

  15. Aurora M

    My favorite of the recipe books! I just wish the page numbers were matched up with the table of contents. Besides that, easy to read and follow!

  16. Nariah

    Highly recommend purchasing the cookbooks with the plan! There are so many recipes that are easy and delicious!

  17. Nariah C

    Highly recommend purchasing the cookbooks with the plan! There are so many recipes that are easy and delicious!

  18. Brendilyn (verified owner)

    I’m so bad at getting ideas to eat on this plan, luckily this has helped so much.❤️

  19. Victoria

    The Volume ll cookbook is good for beginners or experts on the plan. Love that there are pictures in this one. Having the cookbooks helps you brainstorm for variety so you don’t feel stuck eating the same thing over and over. Highly recommend getting both Volume l and Volume ll.

  20. Annie Pizzutelli

    Great expansion of Volume one! More recipes with new twists that have helped put me on s path towards success.

  21. Cindy (verified owner)

    I really like this cookbook. It has great recipes that help you to stay n plan ❤️

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