21 Day Meal Plan - Hard Copy - *pdf not included (not keto)

21 Day Meal Plan - Hard Copy - *pdf not included (not keto)

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The 21 Day Meal Plan consists of eating from a list of certain healthy, whole foods, reducing excess salt consumption, eliminating added sugar, and increasing water intake.

It’s the meal plan I personally followed to reach my current weight, helping me lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

There’s no exercise, calorie counting, teas, wraps, etc. required.

Plan includes the list of allowed foods, an example 7-day menu, some basic recipes, access to the FB support group (provided the group guidelines are followed), tips, and FAQs.

The plan is intended to be done for 21 days at a time and does not include a full 21-day menu—simply combine the foods from the allowed list that you like.

*Results are not guaranteed—this is simply what I personally did put into writing. I am not a nutritionist, I’m simply sharing what has worked for me.

Please do not share or copy these documents or files. All files are for personal use only, and all copyrights remain with My Adventure to Fit Inc.