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Cal Mag

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Cal Mag
Cal Mag
Cal Mag
Cal Mag

Cal Mag is a supplement I have used my entire life since child hood. I had always assumed everyone else grew up with it too. I was shocked when I had told people I would be making it that no one had used it before! This is a MUST HAVE in everyone's household. It's not something I have necessarily taken on a daily basis but more to take when I need it. Here's when I took it:

This is a new formula with half the stevia and a higher quality magnesium!

When my legs would cramp so badly out of the blue. I would take a hot bath and drink cal mag and it would go away faster than taken something for it!
When my stress levels go through the roof, it helps calm my nerves.
When I have been working out a ton and my muscles are sore.
A long day walking around, moving etc and my lower back is giving me trouble.
When I'm having a hard time sleeping.

I can't wait for you guys to try this product and see which ways it helps you all!

The best part about it is it is THE BEST TASTING cal mag I have tried! Usually they're rough to take because of the taste but this one I find DELISH!

*Limited stock available for the launch of the product* Next batch will be in a few months, so if you want to try it, the time is now! :)


Customer Reviews

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Beth D.M.
Sleeping Much Better!

I've been having problems with bad charley-horses at night and on the nights that I wasn't being woken up by that I was having trouble sleeping soundly through the night. My sleep improved the first night I had my bedtime beverage and no more cramps either!

Love it!

I’m so glad I finally tried this. It actually helped ease my terrible menstrual cramps. I have the strawberry kiwi flavor and it tastes great.

Cal Mag

I love the lemonade cal mag so decided to try the strawberry kiwi one too. I absolutely love it. So now I have two flavors to enjoy.

Alice G.
Great Taste!

I take my Cal Mag at night and it helps with leg cramps and helps calm my nerves. The Pink Grapefruit is a wonderful flavor, not too sweet and not too tart. I highly recommend!

Katie K.

Cal Mag

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