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Vanilla Bean Whey Protein

Vanilla Bean Whey Protein

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There has never been a better tasting protein than this. Creamy, milky and delicious. Great for adding protein to your morning smoothie, using it for flavor and sweetener in coffee hot or iced, etc. 

With 22 Grams of Protein with EACH SERVING, getting in enough protein for the day has never been easier or more delicious!

This is what our product is made of:

✅ Instantized Whey Protein Isolate (Easy to dissolve)

✅ Flavored with Natural Vanilla Flavoring (No maltodextrin)

✅ Himalayan Pink Salt (THE BEST source of salt and other minerals)

✅ Sweetened with Stevia


This product DOES NOT contain:

❌ Artificial Sweeteners or Colors 

❌ Ace-K

❌ Added Sugar

❌ Hidden ingredients


Our Protein contains 0 Grams of Carbohydrates, which makes it great for a low carb or Ketogenic Diet.



1. Mix one serving into 2oz of room temp water - Mix Well (Do not mix in hot beverage)

2. Add iced coffee or milk of choice

3. Enjoy in smoothies, protein shakes, coffee or baking 


We always purchase in small batches so don’t wait to order, could be a few months before our next restock, if you’re a huge fan, you may want to grab a couple or set up a subscription for monthly deliveries! Click ADD TO CART now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This protein powder is my favorite flavor! The quality is incredible! You can use it to make protein coffee, add it to smoothies, and milkshakes!

Tara L.

Yummy and keeps me full

Tamara C.

Absolutely love this product! I use it in my cold brew coffee as creamer and I make my husband a shake with this every single morning as he is a diabetic and this is the perfect way to get in his proteins without all the carbs and sugars!