Alyssa D

I have been on my weight loss journey for about 6 years off and on. I felt tired and had almost given up on myself until I was referred to this plan in May by my cousin. I instantly followed tiffany on Instagram, watched my cousins progress along with all of the other people that Tiffany posted. I learned more about the plan and decided that it seemed easy and simple enough. Especially for less than $20!
When I started, I was 203 lbs. it doesn’t seem like a lot, but to me it was! I had tried Beachbody for the last year but still hadn’t made much progress. I got down to 193 but gained the 10 pounds back. I wanted a diet that wasn’t a diet. But rather a lifestyle change. That is exactly what this plan gave me. It gave me whole, real foods to eat. It pushed me to make the decision between being stuck, and striving for greatness. Getting my health back, or being this way forever. Not to mention the community of support. I have never experienced so much love and support from any “diet plan” in my life. Tiffany truly cares and wants you to know it! The people in this community push each other towards success. Sharing recipes, encouragement, and anything else to make sure that we ALL succeed! I’ve only been on this plan for 5 weeks now, but I’ve already lost weight that I thought wasn’t possible. when I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I knew I’d have to work work work. And this plan makes it easy. Tiffany makes it easy. This group makes it easy. I’m forever grateful and thankful for this lifestyle change and support system! 💚💚💚

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