Danielle H

You can be a nursing mama and lose weight! I am not one of those mothers that instantly sheds pounds through breastfeeding…
I had my second child March 2018, weighing the heaviest I’ve ever been. I started exercising beginning of May and ate healthy for the most part. I was able to lose 15 more pounds but hit a plateau. I cut calories and tried focusing on eating healthier, but nothing seemed to help drop the pounds.
I chalked it up to being a nursing mother and accepted not losing anymore weight until I finished nursing. I’m also 30 years old so I figured it could be age as well.
I came across the 21 Day Meal Plan page on Instagram one day and it sparked my interest. I was impressed with the results shown thus far by others. After a week of hesitation, I hopped on board. It was the best, most affordable decision I have made for my health. I’ve spent more on supplements and teas that have done SQUAT. One of most beneficial aspects of purchasing the plan is the amount of support you are also offered; a whole community of people looking to change. It has been extremely helpful for inspiring recipe ideas!

Since starting the meal plan, I have lost 6 pounds in SIX days. I am almost to my pre-baby weight!! There is no starving on this plan! And the best and most important part to me? My milk supply has not decreased at all. I feel amazing. More energy, clearer skin, and I never feel sluggish like I use to all the time after meals. Where has this plan been all my life?!

The 21 Day Meal Plan is not just an easy & affordable meal plan. It’s a lifestyle change that I will forever be grateful for coming across.

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