Elvira B

I didn’t start out at over 200 + pounds, so sometimes I feel like my weight loss wont look as drastic or as impressive as others… however… this plan has helped me to realize that it’s about more than who loses the most. It’s about DEDICATING my TIME and my ENERGY and my LOVE to MYSELF. I show up for everyone around me… but so often I just allow my own wants and needs to fall by the wayside. This 21 day plan has given me the opportunity to practice doing something for myself. 21 days. Less than 20.00$. I’ve had my ups and downs and my starts and restarts, BUT this plan never fails. I’ve been criticized by coworkers, I’ve been discouraged, and I’ve looked for ways of “cheating” and one thing remains true: I CAN do this. I deserve to do this for MYSELF. Yes,I’ve lost weight and I have more weight to lose, but more importantly, I’ve GAINED the strength I’ve been searching for, for so long. The strength to put myself first, at all costs and no matter what. This plan is laid out for 21 days but in reality it’s a LIFESTYLE, and what that means to me is to KEEP coming back. Day after day. Even if I fail 5 times out of 6. I am dedicated to myself, I have faith in myself, and I don’t need to compare myself to anyone but the person I was yesterday and the person I want to be tomorrow. This plan is so much more than a “diet” or a way of eating… it’s showing women how to invest in their futures, and how to make themselves a priority. It’s life changing, and I’m so grateful I got to join the movement. You can follow me on IG @fromfizzletosizzle and I’d love to hear your story as well. <3

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