Jennifer R

After having 3 wonderful children, my body and mind changed for the worse. I didn’t love myself, nor how to make changes. I tried and failed through many duets and different nutrition plans, some made up, others the main stream plans. I felt worse after those showed no promises or outcomes. When I found Tiffany and her IG late 2017, and saw her working on a plan to help others through their journey, I was captivated. Still skeptical and full of fear, I watched as many others started while I kept riding the wave of depression and hopelessness. It was a huge ray of hope on that April day, when Tiffany said that another girl offered to someone else to take her giveaway plan, as she just bought it the day before. Tiffany reached out and chose me. It was such a small thing, but what clicked inside my head was determination and faith in myself. Since then, I have found myself enjoying my journey to be healthy, fit and reaching goals. I love the community I have with her and through her. All the people on this same plan, offer a piece of themselves to encourage one another, and that for me is what makes it last. ❤

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