Lisa M

I have been struggling with my weight and fluid retention for a long time now, I have been frustrated with my efforts and ready to have gastric bypass surgery … after doing a lot of research and going to the orientation, I decided that I need to give it one last try, to get myself on a path of a healthy lifestyle, this time I know that it’s not just about me shedding pounds, but to change my mindset and relationships with and around food, to build a healthier, stronger and leaner body… I do not have anything against bariatric surgery, I just feel that I need to give myself one more chance to do this on my own and after having a hysterectomy, a cholestectomy, tonsillectomy in just the last few years, I really don’t want to go through another major surgery and recovery just yet. I started following fatgirlfedup and came across dietbet and joined the fatgirlfedupdietbet about 2 weeks ago and then i seen a post for the 21 day meal plan and so many inspirational photos of transformation and dishes that looked tasty, simple and clean, I felt that it would be a great addition for my weight loss journey. I started the 21 day meal plan just about a week a go, and am so thankful that I did! It’s only been 5 days sense starting but yesterday I felt like something was different and today it hit me!, I lost about 2 lbs, but that’s not what got me… I normally have to take a fluid pill daily, because my hands and legs retain so mutch fluid but last night I woke up to use the restroom and realized that my feet did not hurt so much as they normally do when getting up after resting for a while and the all day today I did not feel any tightness in the back of my legs, even my pants felt loser around my calves and now as I type I have fingers, not little sausages 😀 oh and I have not taken a fluid pill sense day 2 of starting the 21 day meal plan :)) So happy that I started this, it’s simple, clean and I have not felt hungry, deprived or sluggish sense starting, I feel like this is a plan I can stick with and not just for 21 days, I see this as my new healthy lifestyle!

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