Mel S

I started my weight loss journey at 235 lbs after having my 3rd child. I found Tiffany during my journey and she kept me motivated to keep going, I lost 35 lbs on my own. When she released her meal plan I knew I had to buy it and try it because I’d watched her transformation and figured if it worked for her it’d maybe it’ll work for me. On her plan starting in Dec 2017 I lost over 20 lbs doing 2 rounds right away. Her meal plan has changed how I look at food and what I consider healthy. When I stick to the foods on the list I feel healthy and strong, I’ve learned certain foods actually make my body sick when I add them back into my life and realize why I always felt like crap. Since starting her meal plan and doing it off and on I’ve lost 40+ lbs and my mindset & relationship with food and my taste buds have changed for the better. I’m so greatful Tiffany offered her meal plan to the public, it’s worth it, it will change your life & relationship with food! I started my journey at 235 lbs and with Tiffany’s help im now 155lbs. I have my life back! This plan is amazing! Your health is worth the $20.

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