Pauliina P

I followed Tiffany on Instagram for ages, and when she published this meal plan I bought it almost straight away. I followed the Facebook group page and planned how I’m going to do this, and when I was ready I jumped in and started a healthier lifestyle. And I could not be happier!!🙌 It is easy to follow and it gets me results like nothing before. I started on the 8th of January and have been doing it mostly since then. I have had some slip ups but that’s alright as I want this to be a lifestyle and a long-term thing. And hey, if you like to eat something off plan once in a while, THAT’S OK if you get back on it as soon as possible! I have gained confidence and am so much happier and healthier than 6 months ago. I now I still have weight to loose but I also realize how far I’ve come. The best thing this plan has given me is the key to a healthy fun lifestyle and a support group that never fails to courage me in my journey to the best version of myself! I am forever thankful for Tiffany for giving us this possibility!🙌 ❤️

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