Using Instagram for Weight Loss Motivation & Accountability

One thing I did differently this “weight loss journey” was made a “FITNESS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT”.

I started following a few motivational accounts on my personal IG account and was so motivated by seeing peoples results. I started following this lady was seemed to be in her late 20’s early 30’s and she was almost 300 pounds when she started working out. She didn’t care, she pushed through anyways and got her workouts in regardless. I remember seeing her account and every time she posted I said, if she can do it, I can do it. I saw myself in her and it motivated me so much.

I started following a few other IG accounts and I noticed one for one that they filled up their feed with only fitness related posts. A lot of before and afters, tips and tricks,  meal ideas, workouts etc.  So I made an separate account. I wanted to post myself privately. I didn’t want anyone I knew to find me. I had tried and failed over 100 times publicly and I didn’t want to humiliate myself. So I made it a private account. I wanted to be able to post a picture of my tummy (which I hated) and not have people I knew judge me.  My first post, I got 63 likes. I couldn’t believe 63 strangers I’ve never met before cared what I was doing. It was such a weird feeling but it motivated me SOOOOO much!

So I started following a bunch of IG accounts. I found @molsinspire who lost 100 pounds and was soooo beautiful. Her before picture looked JUST like mine. I saw her account, looked at so many of posts and for the first time in my life, I imagined myself there. She did it, I can do it.

And of course @graciesjourney

Today, I have a little over 5k followers. EVERY SINGLE DAY strangers message me with messages that move me to tears. That I inspired them, that they see themselves in me. I motivate them. I remind them it’s possible and IF I CAN DO IT, THEY CAN DO IT.

This is worth more than anything to me. Me making life changing decisions has inspired so many beautiful people around me to make HUGE changes in their health. For themselves, for their children, for their family, for THEIR LIFE.

My first recommendation to ANYONE getting started in their weight loss journey is to make an IG account (separate from the one you have, if you do) purely for your fitness/weight loss journey. TAKE PICTURES EVERY DAY. Post EVERY DAY. Make it a priority! Follow people who you relate to, people who you see yourself in. You will find them, trust me they are out there!

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