It consists of an allowed food list to stick to, tips to follow, a 7 day laid out menu, example meals and recipes.It’s not the strict controlling tell you what to eat for every day plan. Those plans tend to not work and are overwhelming. This plan is all real whole foods available all over the world. You make the food when and how you want it as long as everything is off the list of allowed foods. No calorie counting required to be successful.There’s no shakes, teas, wraps or anything special needed!
We’ve also created a Facebook group for the plan owners to share motivation, success, recipes, any questions, etc.
-What is the secret to our meal plan? Why are people losing so much weight so fast?
They are fueling their bodies with nutritious whole foods, proper hydration and no processed junk.
-Couldn’t I just do that on my own?
You definitely can! We suggest that you do! But we have a very specific list of allowed foods and the reason our babes are having so much success is the Facebook support group. Non stop encouragement and yummy creative compliant recipes!
-Can I do this plan if i’m vegetarian/vegan?
Yes absolutely! Just substitute the meat and eggs for tofu/veggie burgers.
-Do I have to exercise?
No, it’s not required but of course recommended.
-Are there any special shakes or teas required?
No. All real whole foods you can buy anywhere.
-How do I receive it?
It’s a PDF instantly emailed to you. Make sure to check your SPAM folder. If you paid with Paypal, it will be sent to your Paypal email. Please allow up to 10 mins to receive it.
-Can I do it less than 21 days?
Absolutely. Though of course, we recommend the full 21 days. 
-Do I need to take breaks in between each round?
That’s up to you. If you feel like you need to, then feel free. If you’re doing well and don’t want to interrupt your progress, then keep going.
-Can I do the plan if I live outside the US and the foods are different?
Yes. We have hundreds of people who have done and are currently doing the plan who are from other countries. Sometimes, finding some things will be slightly more difficult or more expensive but it is possible.
-Is it okay for nursing moms?
Always talk to your doctor for your and your babies needs specifically. Your health and your babies health is priority.
-Can I do it if I’m a super picky eater?
Yes you can. It’s all real whole foods that can be prepared many different ways. There’s a pretty wide variety of foods you can have as well. The end results are well worth it.
-Has anyone completed the 21 days and not had results?
Not that we know of.
-How much weight will I lose?
We can’t answer that. Every person is different and there’s a million different factors that would determine that. *results are not guaranteed
-Are you a nutritionist or doctor?
Nope, this plan is simply my guide to weight loss and what worked for me. We don’t guarantee any results and we always suggest seeking professional medical advice before beginning this plan or any other.
-How much is the plan?
One time fee of $19.95. 
-What forms of payment do you accept?
Credit/Debit cards and Paypal (you can checkout as a guest if you don’t have an account.
-What does the $19.95 cost include?
This covers the PDF of the plan and access to the FB group. However if the guidelines in the FB group are violated, then you will be removed at the discretion of the admins.
-Are there refunds if I don’t like it?
Unfortunately due to it being a digital product, we do not offer refunds.
-Will I always have access to the Facebook group even after I complete the 21 days?
Yes, as long as the rules are being followed. We like to keep the group as upbeat and positive as possible. 
Okay I’m ready! How do I purchase?