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Fatty Liver Disease - My Experience

Around June of 2021, I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease AKA NAFLD. I was only 29 years old and was 5 years into my weight loss journey so as you can imagine, I was very confused. This did not come from alcohol (I don't drink). It came from insulin resistance. In the presence of too much insulin, you will get a fatty liver. You don't have to be overweight for this to occur, but if you have a protruded belly - this is a sign. 

Fatty liver disease has no symptoms typically until it's too late. It is estimated that 1 billion people suffer from this disease and now children are being diagnosed with it.

You can have this checked through your doctor through your ALT enzymes on blood work. 

If you have a fatty liver, the liver cells are damaged and the liver is dysfunctional. It can lead to liver cirrhosis and liver failure. 

I am happy to say that my liver is functioning back to normal and I no longer have fatty liver disease following a clean low carb lifestyle. 

I wanted to put together some information for you guys on what I learned throughout the process.

1. Make sure the food you eat is organic. The most commonly used herbicide is glyphosate and will come out through the liver.

2. My doctor had me taking glutathione for liver support to help detoxify the liver.

3. You can't drink alcohol with a fatty liver. You shouldn't take pain medications that damage your liver. 

4. You will need to lower high insulin levels present in the body. Zero added sugar or grains. No seed oils (cause inflammation in the liver). 

5. Choline should be taken to break down fat in the liver (egg yolks, sea food and broccoli). Increase Omega-3 rich foods (Eggs, Pork, Grass-fed Beef, Salmon, Sardines, Oysters). 

6. The liver takes a long time to repair (up to 3 years) so be patient. Liver tissue can come back, so don't give up. 



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* I am not a medical professional, this is only the data I have gathered based upon my personal experience being diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease last year and reversing my condition. 

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What dosage & brand of glutathione was recommended? I also have a fatty liver. Thank you for sharing this post.


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